Waalaxy Lifetime Deal

Waalaxy Lifetime Deal

Waalaxy Lifetime Deal.LinkedIn and Email Prospecting Automation at Its Highest.

If you’re a freelancer, a small business owner, or a lead generation agency looking to save time while boosting your customer base, you can:

Do you want to use LinkedIn to contact up to 700 prospects every week?

It would be fantastic if you could obtain your prospects’ professional email addresses and send them automatic outreach sequences.

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Waalaxy Lifetime Deal — LinkedIn prospecting automation made simple and straightforward – is the topic of discussion today. Here you will also find Waalaxy Reviews.

Waalaxy Lifetime Deal


Product Overview



Best pricing-$59.00(Learn more)

Skill-All Levels-Category

Recommend-Certainly Yes


Deployment-Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based

Support-FAQs/Forum, Chat

Waalaxy At A Glance

Waalaxy is a Waapi company’s tool. A strong culture based on efficiency and job satisfaction lies behind this term.

In Inuit, the word “waapi” means “glad.” The beginning of an experience has changed with time, but one word has remained at the core of our ideals.

They are always on the lookout for fresh employees. They could tell you about our culture and give you a thousand reasons to work for Waalaxy… Like the rest of the world. They are, however, not like the others.

What Is Waalaxy?

What Is Waalaxy?

Waalaxy is a solution that allows you to automate lead creation and communication via LinkedIn and email, as well as monitor the performance of your team. It also allows you to assess the performance of your team.

Waalaxy is a sales prospecting solution that works across several channels. It allows users to send customized messages to prospects via LinkedIn, email, SMS, and other media. Waalaxy’s multi-channel solution is meant to make it easier for businesses to engage with prospects and increase conversion rates. Its features are designed to help sales teams automate time-consuming activities and streamline prospecting.

How to use Walaaxy?

Simply download the tool from the Google Chrome Store, and it will sync with your LinkedIn account immediately. Then, using LinkedIn Search, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, or a CSV file, import leads.

Then, with the touch of a button, you’ll have instant access to your prospects’ pertinent information, including their occupation, company, and location.

While LinkedIn limits you to 100 invites per week, Walaaxy allows you to send up to 700 invitations to prospects every week.

Waalaxy Lifetime Deal



  • Prospects’ professional email addresses are retrieved, and automated outreach sequences are sent to them.
  • Save more than 70% of your prospecting time by generating new qualified leads using LinkedIn + Email.
  • You may produce hundreds of prospects per week with Walaaxy using LinkedIn and email.

Alternative to: 

  • Lemlist

Best for: 

Freelancers, small enterprises, and lead generation firms all desire to save time while growing their client base.

Salespeople, recruiters, students, and others are just a few examples. The tool is simple to operate and set up.

Waalaxy Features

Prospect page

Prospect page

To learn more about a prospect’s jobs, companies, statuses, and actions, go to their prospect page.

If prospects refuse to accept your LinkedIn invitation, you can use the email finder to obtain their email address and send them tailored emails.

Because of the integration with Dropcontact, you can rest assured that you’ll only receive professional and confirmed email addresses.

You won’t have to go the extra mile to get a prospect’s contact information because each email is obtained using GPDR-compliant search and verification algorithms.

You may also keep an eye on your progress on the main dashboard, which shows your email or LinkedIn response rate, prospecting status, and activities sent.

Waalaxy Lifetime Deal


Main dashboard

On the main dashboard, you can see your LinkedIn acceptance rates, email outcomes, prospecting progress, and more.

You can send automated invitations and messages to your LinkedIn contacts using Walaaxy’s multiple sequence templates.

You can also construct automated follow-up messages to enhance your response rate and drive prospects deeper down the sales funnel.

This implies that until your prospect answers, your invitations, messages, and emails will be issued in order.

To generate more leads with minimal effort, you may create complicated workflows and initiate campaigns when people comment on a LinkedIn post or visit your profile.

Automated sequences

Automated sequences

To swiftly create a campaign, choose a sequence from the template library and add prospects from your list.

Do you want everyone on the same page in your team? Waalaxy allows you to integrate many accounts in a single interface without having to access the personal LinkedIn accounts of your team members.

Within your team, you can easily import leads from multiple accounts and export leads between accounts.

At no extra charge, account owners can add and remove users, as well as control their access restrictions.

You can also analyze your prospecting techniques with ease by viewing your team’s success in a single dashboard.

Waalaxy Lifetime Deal


Team accounts

A unified dashboard allows you to manage your team’s accounts and track their progress.

To expand your business, you’ll need new leads, and you can’t keep asking everyone of your acquaintances if they “know someone.” (At least, not if you want them to text you back.)

Walaaxy enables you to gather hundreds of email addresses per week, send automated messages, and create complicated workflows in order to convert more people in less time.


Waalaxy Lifetime Deal

  • “Awesome, I’d promote it and do affiliate videos to make sure others can benefit from it.”
  • “Waalaxy’s YouTube channel and live webinars taught me a lot, and the founders taught me something new. I’m quite pleased with your software; please keep up the good work.”
  • “This article contains a wealth of outreach tips and tactics. Save it to use on your LinkedIn profile (I didn’t go through all of the recommended options).”
Waalaxy Lifetime Deal



  1. “There are far too many ineffective workflows. There is no preview for this simple message tool.”
  2. “Even still, their pre-made templates are dubious. I didn’t get a single worthwhile thing to work on after two weeks of back and forth with their help and many campaigns.”
  3. “A large number of mistakes were produced. There isn’t much information regarding why such errors happened.”

Waalaxy Lifetime Deal Plans and Features

Deal Terms 

  1. Waalaxy is available to you for the rest of your life.
  2. All future revisions to the Business Plan
  3. There are no codes to enter or stacking to do; simply choose the option that best matches your needs.
  4. Within 60 days of purchase, your license must be activated.
  5. Upgrade or downgrade between three licensing tiers.
  6. Only for new Waalaxy users who have never used the service before.
  7. No-questions-asked cash guarantee for 60 days.

All plans include the following features

  • Features such as LinkedIn and email
  • Per seat, 700 invitations are sent out weekly.
  • Using Zapier and Integromat, you may sync your CRM.
  • LinkedIn profiles are automatically imported.
  • Dropcontact is a service that allows you to send an email to a specific person.
  • Dashboard and campaign management at one place
  • From one account to another, export
  • Prospect lists can be easily shared.
  • Management of duplicates
  • Management of several accounts
  • Administrative capabilities

Waalaxy Lifetime Deal

Waalaxy Lifetime Deal


License Tier 1

One Time Purchase of $59.00


  • All of the above features included.
  • 3 places to sit

Tier 2 of the license

$119.00 for a one-time purchase


  1. All of the above features are included.
  2. 6 places available.

Tier 3 of the license

$179.00 for a one-time purchase


  • All of the above features are included.
  • 15 seats available.

Good News for Waalaxy Users

How Can New Users Get This Extra $10 Discount?

How Can New Users Get This Extra $10 Discount?

  • Go to the page for the “Waalaxy appsumo lifetime Deal Page“.
  • After a few moments, a Discount popup will appear.
  • Enter your email address to receive the exclusive benefits.
  • Keep using the same email address.
  • Finally, you’ll receive a $10 discount.
  • The discount is still only available to new clients.

Final Discussion about Waalaxy lifetime deal 

Using Waalaxy, creates more useful linkages faster. In 30 minutes, you can plan weeks of prospecting. You may also have heard that LinkedIn has implemented a weekly restriction of 100 connection requests for members.

Waalaxy also includes an advanced email finder. There’s no list scraping, and it’s GDPR-compliant. Combine it with a LinkedIn campaign to create a sales machine that works for you. A LinkedIn profile reader may be utilized in a campaign that combines both LinkedIn message and email marketing. You may also track your workforce’s efficiency and outcomes, as well as connect to your preferred CRM. By clicking the button below, you may save money on Waalaxy.

Final Thoughts about Waalaxy lifetime deal 

If it was helpful for you plz get the Waalaxy Lifetime Deal. Waalaxy lifetime deals can help your business.

Below are some reviews that can interest you to get a Waalaxy lifetime deal.

Waalaxy Lifetime Deal Review


Not Getting it missing a gem

I’m not getting it and I’m missing a gem.

I’ve tried a lot of apps to improve my LinkedIn profile. The majority of them necessitate a login. Work using a proxy server. I work as a programmer. As far as I can tell, their program is considerably superior to others, and there is no need to log in.

Its UI and UX, on the other hand, are fantastic. I was able to see their plan. It also has the ability to persuade. Dropcontact is cool, and it’s also free. However, I’d suggest putting more monthly drop contact limitations on a separate tire. The number 500 is far too low. But, since it’s free, that’s a plus.


Waalaxy is my absolute favorite!

Waalaxy is my absolute favorite! It has assisted me in connecting with a large number of new leads and prospects, and the greatest thing is that it is quite simple to use. Anyone seeking a terrific approach to get new leads and expand their business should check out this tool.

Waalaxy Lifetime Deal



That’s exactly what I was hoping for!

So far, it’s provided me with everything I require. Linkedin automation, prospecting & enrichment, and email marketing are all combined into one tool. I was using Octopus CRM, but I’m going to stop using it immediately. This bargain will save me $20 per month. So far, it’s been a fantastic product, and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next!


Thank you, Waalaxy.

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Waalaxy Lifetime Deal


Questions & Answers

Q.What are the advantages of using many channels to prospect?

A.You increase your chances of getting a response by three times by approaching your prospect through many channels.

Q.What method do you use to locate my prospects’ emails?

A.Dropcontact is what we use to find the emails of your prospects. It’s one of the top tools in the market, and it complies with GDPR completely.

Q.What is the limit on LinkedIn invitation requests?

A.We are the only product on the market that allows you to send 100 invitations per day, as opposed to the usual limit of 100 per week. All of this while ensuring the security of your LinkedIn account.

Q.How will I know whether the feature I’m looking for is going to be available?

A.Our public roadmap is available for viewing. All of our upcoming features are listed there. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, propose it!

Q.What does it have to do with prospecting?

A.The same business created ProspectIn, Podawaa, Piwaa, and Waalaxy. Waalaxy is a tool that combines ProspectIn’s capabilities with a lot more power.

My Suggestion of Waalaxy lifetime deal 

This tool is fantastic.

I highly suggest you use this tool.

Get a Waalaxy lifetime deal

Waalaxy Lifetime Deal


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