Tidycal Lifetime Deal

Tidycal Lifetime Deal

Tidycal Lifetime Deal.Best Calendar Booking Solution.

Are you interested in purchasing TidyCal’s lifetime deal? You’ve come to the right spot if that’s the case. We have reviewed TidyCal in this post, and you will learn how TidyCal can benefit your business and the benefits of purchasing the lifetime offer.

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These days, digital meetings are becoming increasingly important. Virtual meetings are used in nearly every company operating in this new distant working culture. Virtual meetings allow teams with remote members to collaborate more effectively.

Remote working, on the other hand, necessitates frequent internal and external email contact. Several businesses, however, are having difficulty organizing all virtual activities due to the back-and-forth inconveniences of virtual connectivity. It’s tedious to keep track of the time and figure out what’s going to happen next.

When it comes to interacting via video conferences over the internet, it can be difficult for someone or a team to organize and plan all of the meetings in a way that is convenient for both you and your client.

It’s difficult to compute set time differences and assign call links for meetings when smaller companies or businesses for large enterprises, in general, have clients from multiple time zones and areas.

To avoid causing any mistake with search involvement, one must be exceedingly careful.

To avoid this, Tidycal is the finest booking solution because it brings everything together in one location for everyone’s convenience.

If you’re from India and have a meeting with a client in Sydney, for example, you won’t have to waste time exchanging emails and calculating time zones because this solution will handle it for you!

Yes, the program handles everything from assigning time zone differences to ensuring that the call link is in its right location.

Tidy Calendar is an example of such calendar software.

One of these scheduling programs is TidyCal. It gives you access to your personal and work calendars for scheduling and tracking. You can find a lot more basic way to meeting scheduling by deploying this software.

So read on to learn more about the TidyCal Lifetime offer.

Say hello to Tidycall

The TidyCal Lifetime Deal is an excellent choice for a straightforward booking solution. It is not necessary to become a scheduling specialist. TidyCal eliminates the need for phone calls or emails to arrange appointments and other events.

Tidycal Lifetime Deal Buy Now

About TidyCal

TidyCal – Homepage

TidyCal is a scheduling program that allows you to organize all of your calendars and booking details in one convenient location. It can be used for all of your needs, whether professional or personal.

The main benefit is that this software automatically recognizes the time zone of recipients, so there will be no scheduling difficulties when setting up a meeting with someone in a different time zone.

The integration of Google Calendar into a single UI makes managing all events a breeze. You may also integrate a variety of other technologies to automate your workflow, such as Google, Apple, Microsoft 365, and a variety of other accounts, to keep track of all events from a single screen. You may also put it on auto-pilot to avoid having to send emails back and forth.

The Auto-pilot tool allows you to automatically transmit calendar schedules to a recipient through email. A time block specification is what justifies this capability. When you add a business event, it examines all of your existing booked meetings and displays any available time slots. When your competitors are having trouble evaluating time specifics, you may seamlessly schedule meetings one after the other.

TidyCal gives businesses more control. Even while scheduling client meetings, a wide range of customization possibilities promotes branding. For local recipients, you can easily tailor the booking page to their native language. Let’s have a look at the features listed below.

What is TidyCal?

TidyCal is a scheduling app that makes it simple to manage your calendar and obtain more bookings. It’s a simple tool that allows you to integrate all of your calendars in a matter of minutes.

Plus, if you have a personal obligation, you’ll be able to address the problem of scheduling a company meeting once and for all. You may also make your schedule easier by combining your Google calendars into TidyCal right now.

Once your calendars are synchronized, TidyCal makes it easier to put up numerous booking pages. It is possible to create a free booking page for prospects, a premium booking page for customers, and more.

While your competitors waste time back-and-forth emailing to set up appointments, you’ll put your schedule on autopilot. You may easily specify time blocks of availability by day and include gap hours, so you can take the breaks you need without having to attend nonstop back-to-back meetings.

Tidycal Lifetime Deal Check Review

What can you do withTidycall?

You can manage up to ten calendars from a single account with TidyCal. The program will automatically determine the receivers’ time zones, making scheduling a breeze. It allows you to easily manage a variety of booking sites, ranging from free to paid, as well as automate your scheduling. You can use this function to schedule meetings and events, as well as create recurring events for a customer or prospect. It is possible to save time by using TidyCal.

TidyCal software not only eliminates the headaches of organizing business meetings but also ensures that you do not miss any of your responsibilities.

You’ll never have to worry about missing a meeting because of a personal commitment (you’ve missed far too many soccer games). If that’s not enough, calendar integrations will bring all of your Google accounts together in one spot.

You can also use the Zapier interface to connect TidyCal to thousands of other products and streamline your workflow. Set up a variety of free and paid meetings for your prospects, customers, clients, and other stakeholders.

You can also streamline your schedule even further by importing your Google calendars into TidyCal right now.

Every time they try to plan an appointment, your competitor’s schedule is updated. Sending multiple emails back and forth to set up meetings will free up your time. Then you’ll know when you’re available and may schedule gap hours to take a break without having to schedule back-to-back meetings.

Who Is Tidycal For?

Good News for Tidycal Users

How Can New Users Get an Extra $10 Discount?

How Can New Users Get an Extra $10 Discount?


  • Go to the page for the “TidyCal appsumo lifetime Deal “page.
  • After a few moments, a Discount popup will appear.
  • Enter your email address to receive the exclusive benefits.
  • Keep using the same email address.
  • Finally, you’ll receive a $10 discount.
  • The discount is still only available to new clients.

Who Is Tidycal For?

To be honest, everybody can benefit from this app. Various calendar apps may be used to integrate your personal or professional calendars. It’s a terrific approach to differentiate personal encounters from paid business consults because it allows you to plan both free and paid sessions.

If you work in an area where you have to manage a large number of people and schedule meetings, this software will most likely come in handy. The ability to arrange meetings and synchronize calendars will appeal to project managers and sales teams because it is simple and stress-free.

Nothing is more inconvenient than having to go through many email exchanges with team members to achieve an agreement on meeting schedules.

Tidycal Lifetime Deal


Tidycal alternatives

While Tidycal appears to be a fantastic application that smoothly incorporates other essential tools, that does not guarantee it is superior to the competition. So, let’s have a look at some suitable Tidycal alternatives.

Doodle Bot for Slack

Slack was once primarily utilized by IT businesses, but it is now used by many project management teams across industries. You can use a doodle bot to suggest meeting times, invite attendees, offer a shareable meeting link, and, once time availability is known, determine the optimal time window for everyone.


A basic app for making appointments with others. You can share your availability with someone who chooses a time window later. An appointment is soon confirmed. To try out the app, there is a free trial available.


Undock is a platform for hosting and documenting meetings with your network. You can set up meetings right now. People can communicate with one another across organizations, calendar tools, and time zones. There’s not much stopping you and other people linked to this app from convening a meeting in an orderly fashion.

There is a free option if you only want to use the app to schedule meetings. The advanced account, on the other hand, starts at $10 per month.


Bookings, tasks, contacts, email, projects, and calendars are all managed on the same page using this app. You can also use the widget to embed it on any other page. There are both free and paid versions.


This tool can be used to schedule a meeting with only one invitee. There’s no need to communicate via email. Group meetings of three or more persons can be scheduled. It makes no difference where the people are located or which calendar platform they use.


This program is marketed as a replacement for your office’s Excel spreadsheet for keeping track of employee rosters. It features a roster management system, attendance monitoring, staff availability, time tracking, and a time tracking system.


For businesses, this is a useful meeting tool. You can look at meeting attendees’ photographs, career histories, and social media profiles. With the smart scheduling tool, you can easily give a free scheduling link to others.

Tidycal Features and Customization

Tidycal Features and Customization

Instant Creation

You won’t have to send each other emails to organize meetings with TidyCal. You’ll see booking sheets in your inbox, and all you have to do now is pick a time for your appointment. In Tidycal, it’s simple to create booking sites that allow other users to schedule meetings with you by paying a booking fee or by paying for a meeting.


Autopilot is one of the most useful features of TidyCal. When using Autopilot, you do not need to be concerned about any complications because it can act as a scheduler.


When you connect your various calendars to this software, you can feel comfortable that TidyCal will keep everything in sync. It easily combines all of your calendars.

Zoom bookings generate secure one-time meeting URLs.

You can also get bookings on your Microsoft Office 365 calendar if you have one set up.

Calendars should now sync in real-time as well, thanks to recent changes.

No Schedule Mixing

Trying to keep up with time zones has become increasingly difficult as more and more teams and enterprises are dispersed around the globe. Don’t be concerned. Your Tidycal account will adapt the time zones between you and the person with whom you want to meet.


You can add a widget to your home screen for this app. The widget can be enabled directly on your website.

Cancellations and Rescheduling Options

Life happens, and things have to be rescheduled at the last minute. The app makes it simple to postpone or cancel a meeting. It also sends out a meeting confirmation email to the other attendees.


You may always make changes to your booking space to make it more consistent with your brand.

Confirmation Emails

You will automatically receive a confirmation email after a client or friend schedules a meeting with you.

Booking reminder emails are sent to attendees 24 hours and 1 hour before the meeting to reduce no-shows.

Booking Page Levels

You can establish two distinct levels on your booking pages if you’re using Tidycal for both business and pleasure. For your clients, you may design page booking pages. You can, on the other hand, establish free booking pages for friends or anyone else.

Easily View Attendees

When you have to click a few times to see the information you want in an online module, it can be really inconvenient. A user’s experience can be harmed by clicking through too many levels. TidyCal is aware of this. You’ll be able to see the recipient’s name on the calendar title when someone sets a meeting with you. By clicking on the event, you may get attendee information without having to wait.


The past bookings tool may now be used to maintain track of previous meetings and contact past attendees. You’ll discover a drop-down menu under the schedule bookings section that will show you your history information.


Workers and enterprises in the translation industry are progressively relocating to global and remote areas. If you’re one of the people that do this, you can make use of the app’s automated translation feature. Both your booking emails and pages can be translated into the language of your target audience.

It’s possible to translate into over a dozen different languages. You can also adjust your clock to the International Time Standard. You may also change the time between 12 and 24 hours in the same way.

404 Disabled Pages

Are you concerned that old booking pages that you have disabled will be discovered by others? Don’t worry, disabled booking pages now provide a 404 error message. No one can find a page that has been disabled.

Easy To Use

Booking sites can be difficult to use at times, and keeping track of them can be tedious. TidyCal isn’t one of those time-consuming systems; it’s simple to use and intuitive.

Tidycal Lifetime Deal Check Review from purchased user

Cancellations and Rescheduling

When it comes to bookings, it can be difficult to cancel or reschedule them in the event of an emergency or similar circumstances. With TidyCal, you can quickly cancel or reschedule the meeting and receive a confirmation email.

Summary of User Reviews

The majority of users appear to love Tidycal. Being able to sync multiple calendars appears to be a skill that most people have been waiting for in today’s hectic environment. The app has received a lot of positive feedback, both on the main website and in more formal reviews on Google. I expect the reviews to improve as the creators continue to add new features to the app.

Why should you invest in TidyCal?

It delivers the essential notion because it is a meeting and scheduling website.

The website is largely utilized by business owners who don’t have the time to hire a human assistant but need help managing and arranging meetings. This is the best employee they could possibly have!

HR managers, in addition to business people, can use the website to book meetings with persons they want to talk to or inform about hiring aims and interviews.

And, very literally, anyone who has to organize meetings and has a busy schedule could use a little help from an AI friend.

Anyone who wishes to utilize TidyCal is welcome to do so! Yes, it is.

Is it any different from many other booking solutions?

With increasing competition and the expanding usage of AI-based platforms that make marketing and businesses easier to manage, there is a lot of software that can help you arrange and schedule meetings.

TidyCal is a fantastic platform that is very easy to use. This is what sets it apart from the competition, however other platforms have their own advantages and features that may be superior to TidyCal.

TidyCal, as previously said, has a very user-friendly interface. Furthermore, it is cost-effective. It has a low-cost and low-cost lifetime plan!

It has a lifetime deal of only $19 in Appsumo deals or TidyCal itself, with no extra monthly or annual fees. This is all you have to pay to take advantage of the software’s features.

Despite the lack of a smartphone version, it is still one of the best and most well-reviewed booking platforms available.

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What makes TidyCal stand out?

Literally, it’s a booking screen.

Screen for Tidycal Booking

It’s quite simple to use and comprehend. It allows you to connect up to 10 calendars to your Google account, with support for additional platforms such as iCloud and Microsoft coming soon.

The tool ensures that all of your requests and bookings are kept in one place, ensuring that you do not accidentally double book any of your meetings. It also allows you to integrate your appointment link on your website and set your availability by day of the week.

Get free and paid reservations from clients, customers, sales possibilities, and prospects with TidyCal.

The website also has a drawback in that it may not always allow some users to design simple pathways, but then again, what website is perfect?

Tidycal Lifetime Deal


Tidycal on Appsumo

‘With calendar integration, booking pages, and customization, you can easily schedule your next meeting.’

The website is described as ‘easy-peasy’ by Appsumo. So you’ve gotten the gist of it, right? If you’re searching for a similar platform for business needs, it’s a great discount you should take advantage of.

Tidycal Lifetime Deal Features and Plans

  1. TidyCal Lifetime Plan is available to you for the rest of your life.
  2. An AppSumo Original, developed by the AppSumo team as a simple and cost-effective solution.
  3. There are no codes or stacking required; simply select the option that best suits your needs.
  4. Updates to the Lifetime Plan in the future
  5. Within 60 days of purchase, your license must be activated.
  6. Only TidyCal users who do not already have a premium account are eligible.
  7. Cash guarantee for 60 days, no questions asked.

Tidycal Lifetime Deal 

Tier 1 of the license

$29.00 for a one-time purchase


Tidycal Lifetime Deal


  • There are ten calendar links.
  • There are both free and paid meetings.
  • Branding has been reduced.

Is TidyCal worth it?

When compared to other similar platforms, this is the only one that has received widespread praise as a simple way to handle all of your booking and scheduling needs.

When we say TidyCal is the easiest and simplest solution to handle all of your booking-related concerns, we’re not kidding.

Others ultimately join in as firms clutch to this instrument. When it comes to scheduling meetings and traveling between time zones, you have an option.

When a firm expands, more and more clients from all over the world will come on board, and it’s critical to keep their needs and comfort in mind.

TidyCal allows you to do that while keeping your comfort in check. It accomplishes half of what you’d have to accomplish if you didn’t have assistance. When it comes to scheduling and arranging virtual meetings with a variety of clients, it’s not half of it; it’s almost all of it.

This is one of the best solutions for all of your scheduling issues and time management needs without having to hound a real person into doing things for you.

This will assist you in every way possible; all you have to do now is attend meetings, please your clients, and continue to develop your business; trust me, TidyCal will take care of the rest!

Tidycal Lifetime Deal


Pros and Cons of Tidycal


Easy-to-use interface with a clean and elegant design. As a result, making reservations is simple and straightforward.

To avoid double bookings, connect your calendars to one spot.

TidyCal allows you to connect a large number of calendars – ten to be exact. This can be a suitable alternative for you if you’re a freelancer who wears many jobs and divides your tasks into multiple calendars.

You can easily integrate all of your Google Calendars here.

With just one $29 payment, you can get a Lifetime Plan. As a result, this well-organized productivity app is quite cost-effective. Say goodbye to costly calendar management in other places.

Instead of switching between calendar apps, you can keep both your work and personal calendars in one place.

The software developers are quite open about how the app is progressing. It will be fascinating to see where this leads.


Because the program is still being updated, there may be some minor issues. The developers, on the other hand, appear to pay attention to complaints and make any necessary changes and enhancements.

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Final Thoughts about TidyCal Users

If it was helpful for you plz get the TidyCal lifetime deal. Aikido Finance lifetime deals can help your business.

Below are some reviews that can interest you to get an Aikido Finance lifetime deal.

Tidycal Review 


It’s simple and effective!

This booking app is fantastic; it’s very simple to use. I quickly entered my services, pricing, and payment method. It’s also simple to set up your schedule; I’ve tried others that either doesn’t work for me or take forever to set up. Only a mobile app is missing (unless there is one that I am unaware of!). My professional life would be perfect if I had a smartphone app. Tidycal did an excellent job!


Exceptionally well-suited to our needs as a startup.

This is the best tool I’ve ever used. Setup and usage with Gmail integration took less than 5 minutes.

It’s not fair to compare this to Calendly right away. Calendly has been around for a while and is a lot more mature product that you may subscribe to on a monthly basis. Ahem…

However, in the LTD, what you get with this TidyCal is excellent. It’s really easy to use and understand.

I can even look at all of my calendars. LTD and my first buy on App Sumo have both impressed me:-))


Beautiful tools, but…

This program is quite beneficial to me because it doesn’t have too many features that clog up the overall experience. However, I wish there was an “attachment” feature where clients could attach files while making a call reservation.

Very beneficial for after-sales services provided by consultants.

Tidycal Lifetime Deal Check Review

TidyCal Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What languages is Tidycal compatible with?

A: The English language is supported by Tidycal.

Q: TidyCal integrates with what other applications or services?

A: Apple Business Chat, Google Calendar, Google Meet, Google, Mailifier, Microsoft 365, Zapier, and Zoom are all integrated with TidyCal.

Q: Is TidyCal capable of automating tasks?

A: On the integrations page, you may connect to Zapier and add automation to your TidyCal account.

Q: With which types of users and organizations do TidyCal work?

A: TidyCal supports the following users and organizations: Mid-Sized Businesses, Small Businesses, Enterprises, Freelancers, Nonprofits, and Governments.

Q: What types of help does TidyCal provide?

A: TidyCal provides live and online help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q: Does TidyCal offer any kind of training?

A: TidyCal provides documentation as a type of training.


Schedule your next appointment with ease thanks to calendar integrations, booking pages, customization, and personalization. You can build booking pages and schedule meetings without having to send emails back and forth. Project managers, sales teams, and marketing agencies will appreciate how simple it is to schedule meetings using this tool.

You can plan meetings with prospects, clients, and others for free or for a fee. The user-friendly design of TidyCal makes it simple to combine all of your calendars in a matter of minutes. You can connect all of your Google calendars in one location thanks to many connectors. TidyCal makes it simple to schedule new appointments by utilizing the events in your existing calendar. A TidyCal booking cancellation will likewise be reported in your calendar.

It’s simple and has already been completed for you. Your competitors squander time manually scheduling meetings via email. You’ll be able to keep track of your schedule on autopilot. You may easily create time blocks and gaps by day.

With TidyCal’s Lifetime offer, you may get access to a whole new set of interesting features for the rest of your life. The editorial has covered everything there is to know about TidyCal, and you may purchase the plan to gain access to the benefits it offers.

Why don’t you go ahead and make your purchase now that you’re aware of the offer?

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