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Texta.ai Lifetime Deal


Introducing Texta.ai

It takes time and effort to create distinctive, interesting, and engaging material, especially if you’re a solitary blogger or small business owner.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if a copywriting tool could generate text for you automatically?

90% of web marketers invest thousands of dollars in the creation of this content and ad copy. Now is the moment to use an AI-based content creation tool to save money and time.

The nicest feature about this tool is that it does not require any technical knowledge to operate. All of the features can be managed manually.


The Most Effective Article Generator Available.

Texta.ai is an AI-based content writing software that helps you come up with SEO-friendly content ideas for your blog, social networking platforms, ad copy, and emails, among other things.

Texta.ai isn’t like other copywriting software in that it doesn’t just write a copy for you.

With a single click, Texta.ai creates all of the content you need for your brand in seconds. This software knows how to create material that will appeal to your target audience.

It helps you overcome writer’s block by allowing you to choose your content from a part of automatically generated articles. Al-generated product descriptions have helped me to deliver my customers with product descriptions that have substantially improved product interaction.

You can finally create a captivating copy in seconds with Texta.ai, whether you’re a copywriter, blogger, marketer, or business owner. It’s the most straightforward technique to improve your content strategy and wow your consumers and clients.

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Texta.Ai: Product Overview

  • Company-Texta.ai
  • Country-United States
  • Best pricing-$69.00(Learn more)
  • Skill-All Levels
  • Category-Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based
  • Customer Support-Email/Help Desk
  • Recommend-Certainly Yes
  • Founded-2021


  1. Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based
  2. Desktop – Mac, Windows, and Linux.


  • Email/Help Desk
  • FAQs/Forum
  • Knowledge Base
  • 24/7 (Live Rep)
  • Chat


  1. Live Online
  2. Webinars
  3. Documentation
  4. Videos

Best For

  • bloggers
  • marketers
  • small business owner
  •  content creators,
  •  freelancers and 
  • digital marketing.
  • Texta.ai Features

Alternatives to Texta.ai


Rytr is an AI-powered content generation tool that takes care of the content creation process for you rather than you having to spend time on probing and writing.

It’s a veritably useful tool for Bloggers and Digital Marketers, as it can help to increase happy jotting speed. As well as, it’s veritably helpful in writing largely engaging advertising clones for Facebook and Google Advertisements.


An affordable AI writing assistant that will help you generate high-quality in a blink. If you’re a freelancer, marketing agency, Blogger then you can create easy content for blogs, e-commerce stores, ads, emails, social media, and more, in just a few seconds, at an insanely cheapest cost!


Nichess, or niche$$ as it’s known. It is an AI-powered content generation tool that creates engaging content for a variety of channels in just seconds.

It uses the new GPT-3 technology. It’s especially useful for a short dupe and social media posts, but the blog and dispatch jotting tools also pack a ton of power And that’s only the morning, according to Malcolm Tyson.


Create Better Content in Minutes.

This is an AI writing assistant that can help you create content in a fraction of the time and with fewer headaches.

Wrytly will help you express your thoughts and feelings in a natural way. You no longer have to be concerned about spelling or grammar errors.

Texta.ai Features

Article Generation

One of Text.ai’s best features is its Article Generator. It’s more than just a tool for creating long-form content. It can help you write faster by creating nearly 1000 words in only a few seconds.


writing tool

You can use this feature to write an article for:

  • Create a content outline that is SEO-friendly.
  • intro
  • Post on the blog.

You are no longer required to study and outline the topic. You only need to enter your blog topic and a brief description of the topic in the “Article Generation” area. For your blog topic, Texta.ai will develop an article outline.

Ideas for a Blog

Texta.ai can help you come up with new blog topics. It contains artificial intelligence that assists in the generation of blog ideas tailored to your specific specialty.

Generator of Content Outlines

Artificial intelligence (AI) Texta.ai creates content outlines based on SERPs. There’s no need to invest time figuring out what outline your competitors are using. You can use Texta.ai to create an outline for you.

Copy for e-commerce

You must write material for the product if you are a business owner or an affiliate marketer. In this instance, Texta.ai can assist you in quickly writing product information. It’s also possible to write Amazon product descriptions with it.

You can use the following format:

  1. Description of the products.
  2. Product information.
  3. The worth of the goods.
  4. Review of the products.

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Ads on social media

You can describe your products in this area of social advertisements and may quickly develop attractive product descriptions if you have a running business or advertise affiliate products.

You can use Texta.ai to write:

  • Youtube video title.
  • Text for Twitter.
  • Listicle and Headlines on Facebook
  • Description from Google.
  • Headlines from Google.
  • Advertisements on LinkedIn.

Simply fill out the “Product description” area with information about your product. Texta.ai will create a compelling product description in order to boost sales.

Copy for a website

Texta.ai provides you with the ability to write website copy. You don’t have to spend as much time thinking about how to write the greatest website copy anymore. There’s no need to write anything if you know how to use this function effectively.

Texta.ai allows you to write:

Subheading with a lot of appeals.

Meta descriptions that are SEO-friendly.

Content conversion for a landing page


For the theme, there’s also a question generator.

a once-in-a-lifetime deal and a review

To use this function, go to the left-hand corner and select “Website copy” from the drop-down menu. Step 2: You will be presented with a number of options from which to choose.

Copy for sales

When it comes to making a buying choice, sales copy is crucial. Texta.ai includes a number of excellent sales copywriting features that aid conversion. AIDA is one of the most well-known copywriting frameworks. It stands for A=attention, I=inquiry, D=desire, and A=action. You may use Texta to create sales copy that catches your customer’s attention and converts them into sales.

This sales copy feature will provide you with the following:

  1. A marketing approach that works.
  2. The PAS framework stands for Problem-Agitate-Solution.
  3. AWESOME approach.
  4. Writing an AIDA model
  5. Writing for the ACCA.
  6. The strategy of “Before-After-Bridge.”

This area is critical for generating sales. You can use this tool for your business if you wish to use tried and true writing tactics. To use the sale copy feature, navigate to the top left-sidebar as before, then pick “sales copy,” and then type whatever you wish.

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Startup Tools

For Startup speech, Texta.ai has a fantastic feature. Startup Idea is a one-of-a-kind feature that isn’t seen in many other AI authoring programs. If you have a new business and want to publish an article about it, you should make use of this fascinating option. Most importantly, you can come up with fantastic startup ideas for new business owners.

It aids in the creation of a value proposition, the customization of your target audience, the generation of available and suitable domain names for your business, and the improvement of your startup concept.

You’ll find the following features in this section:

  • The Generator of Slogans
  • This is a value proposition.
  • Generate a domain name.
  • Title of the video.
  • a business concept
  • Text Hook, and so forth.
  • To use this function, go through the same steps as before and then select “Startup tool” from the drop-down menu.

Generator of Titles

There’s no need to scrounge for a clever, catchy, and truthful title any longer. Texta features an Al-based title generator that will assist you in creating an insightful, niche-based, and competition-audited title.

Multiple Languages

Nowadays, the majority of AI writing tools on the market can only write in English. Texta, on the other hand, supports more than ten languages, including:

  • English,
  •  Dutch, 
  • Italian, 
  • Japanese,
  •  Russian,
  •  Italian, French, 
  • Chinese, 
  • Polish, 
  • Spanish

as well as further items that will be introduced

Overview of Texta.ai

Content Assistant Tool by Texta.ai

Texta.ai has simplified and simplified copywriting for everyone. It generates limitless high-quality content in seconds, creates SEO content to help your website get to the top of the SERPs, and allows you to tell stories by selecting from a variety of content pieces.

Texta.ai creates fantastic product descriptions that will enhance customer interaction. You’ll never run out of innovative campaign ideas with Texta.ai, and you can use its endless tool variations to test and assess your email campaigns, social media advertisements, landing sites, and more. It comes with a number of tools that aid in the creation of fantastic material.

Texta.ai provides over 30 features to assist you in producing high-quality content with minimal effort. Website copy tool in landing pages and SEO meta descriptions, Sales copy in AIDA, Pain-Agitate-Solution, and Before-After-Bridge, and eCommerce copy tool in product benefits, product descriptions, and sales email Startup tools such as a slogan generator, an audience refiner, and a value proposition are all available.

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Pros and Cons of Texta.ai


  1. It removes human error thanks to Al’s power.
  2. Human workflows are improved.
  3. Has almost 30 content-creation tools.
  4.  multilingual in nature.
  5. saves time and is simple to operate.
  6. It has an easy-to-use UI.


  1. It can’t express human feelings because it’s an Al-controlled program.
  2. The amount of employment available to people has been reduced.


Texta.Ai Pricing

  1. Texta has three price options: a free trial, a premium plan, and a team package.
  2. Free $0/Month
  3. Free access for 7 days
  4. 20 points
  5. Article writer for a blog
  6. There are almost 30 tools in all.
  7. Translate into over 21 different languages.

Premium $45/Month

  • There is one spot available.
  • Credits: 1000
  • Article writer for a blog
  • Content creation is limitless.
  • All 30+ tools are available to you.
  • Translate into over 21 different languages.
  • Email help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days
  • Get the first crack at new features.

Team, please contact the vendor for details on team pricing.

  1. APIs created specifically for you
  2. There are several seats available.
  3. Article writer for a blog
  4. Content creation is limitless.
  5. All 30+ tools are available to you.
  6. Translate into over 21 different languages.
  7. Email help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days
  8. Get the first crack at new features.

Texta.ai Lifetime deal – Appsumo

Texta.ai is available for a limited time only on appsumo.com. Appsumo is brimming with high-quality digital goods. I’ve never seen a better appsumo deal. You may save up to 97 percent with appsumo. The best of all lifetime deal sites is Appsumo.

You can now take advantage of Appsumo’s lifetime offer. Most importantly, if you do not order immediately, you will miss out on this offer. Because most of the deals were gone in a matter of weeks.

Texta.ai Lifetime Deal


Texta.ai lifetime deal Plans and Features

  • This Plan is available for life.
  • Your domain(s) should be redeemed within 60 days of purchase.
  • Texta.ai Plan updates in the future
  • Bear in mind that this offer cannot be combined with others.
  • No-questions-asked 60-day cash guarantee

Texta.ai lifetime deal Pricing plan

$199.00 one-time payment


  • Every month, you will receive 1000 credits for article creation (Up to 213 000 words)
  • In the case of short content tools, there is no limit to the number of times they can be generated
  • Beast Mode – Expert Open-ended text generation
  • Multiple Writing Styles in Article Generation 2.0
  • Keyword Research for SEO.
  • Editorial Professionalism.
  • Support for over 20 languages.
  • BAll of the copywriting tools are available to you (more than 30)
  • Alternatives include Jarvis, Writesonic, Peppertype, Rytr, Copysmith, and others.
  • Save 90% of your time on copywriting.
  • Bloggers, marketers, designers, and small businesses will benefit the most from it.
  • blog posts, product descriptions, and sales copy creation.
  • Create catchy, creative copy for social media.
  • Create engaging blog content by brainstorming ideas and writing engaging content.
  • Short-form content creation is limitless.

Good News for Texta.ai Users

How Can New Users Get This Extra $10 Discount?

How Can New Users Get This Extra $10 Discount?

  • Go to the “Texta.ai appsumo lifetime Deal” page.
  • A Special offer popup will show up after a few brief seconds.
  • Enter the email address to receive the exclusive benefits.
  • Keep using the same email address.
  • Finally, you’ll receive a $10 discount.
  • The discount is still only available to new clients.

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What sets texta ai apart from other content creation software?

Unlike previous copyrighting systems, Texta ai does more than merely generate copy for us. Its artificial intelligence actually learns from your writing style and, more specifically, the type of content you produce. As a result, as much as you write on texta, your writing will be faster and more fantastic. Also, whether you’re a copywriter, blogger, marketer, or business owner, texta.ai helps you to create fascinating text in seconds. It’s the most straightforward way to boost your contact strategy and impress your customers and clients.


One of the most time-consuming duties for a marketer is content production. According to studies, ranking #1 for a single keyword can take up to 1,000,000 words. However, with our AI content writer, you can save 90% of your time by cutting your writing time in half and writing material in seconds.

In a matter of seconds, you can write an article.

Most significantly, you don’t need any prior expertise with this program to use it.

Texta. ai makes it easy to keep up with your daily social media posts. You may also create YouTube titles, Twitter post ideas, and compelling stories, among other things.

You can also write effective converting ad copy for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, and other campaigns.

Final Thoughts about Texta.ai lifetime deal 

If it was helpful for you plz get the Texta.ai lifetime deal Texta.ai lifetime deal deals can help your business.

Below are some reviews that can interest you to get a Texta.ai lifetime deal.

Texta.ai Lifetime Deal


Texta.ai review

  • 1/SUMO-ring

In a single word, WOW!

There has been an increase in the number of content writers in the last year. I’m sure we’ve all heard of OpenAI, GPT3, NLP, and other similar terms. Another AI content writer on Appsumo received a meh from me, especially when the colors are similar to writerzen, writecream, and thunder content. So, what’s the deal with this blue and white color scheme?

My curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to give it a shot. I was not let down. I wrote a title, then a few lines for an article introduction, and Texta.ai generated very credible outlines.

The actual magic was in the article generation, which produced OUTSTANDING results—over a thousand words in less than 10 seconds. As I read through the articles generated, it appears that this is the first content writer with a personality, and I had to remind myself that this is a computer-generated writer.

I ran the example articles through a plagiarism checker to ensure that they were completely unique. However, with all automatic content writers, I would suggest care in fact-checking any information generated in the output.

Texta.ai is the real deal, and it will save you a lot of time. This subtle beauty is not to be missed.

Texta.ai review 02

  • jurai1

Absolutely incredible!!

One of the few offers that didn’t require a review in exchange for a reward. So don’t believe all those other tools that have a lot of positive feedback.

For writing this, I am not being paid in any manner! When you combine this with a copywriting assistant like Rytr or WordHero, you’ll be a copywriting B E A S T. (no joke)…

The creator accomplished something truly extraordinary! I bought and returned the majority of the other AI authors I received. But I’m keeping this one…

I pity those who missed out on this opportunity…


Texta.ai review 03

  • Elroydeetoo

In Seconds, 1500 Word Articles!

This year, I’ve picked up a few AI authors, and this one is my current fave.

In seconds, it spits out 1500 words of decent content.

If you’re creating top-level pages, you’ll have to edit, but if you’re looking for quick supporting content, this is a powerhouse!

I’m looking forward to seeing how they progress!

Texta.ai review 04

  • peter.nwave

On Appsumo, one of the best offers on AI Generator can be found.

I’ve experimented with many AI content generators. Nichesss, Rytr, Jarvis, and others are among the players. Some were prohibitively expensive, while others were only a “trial” version that enticed users to purchase a monthly pain program or had a poor user interface.

Texta.ai is a tool that combines the greatest characteristics of all of the previous technologies. It has a simple user interface, is quick and easy to use, enabling you to generate endless text for nearly any form of content, and also allows you to use the article generator wisely.

Texta.ai combines the greatest aspects of all of the previously listed tools. It has a simple user interface, is simple and quick to use, enabling you to generate endless text for nearly any form of content, and allows you to use the article generator wisely.

If you’re looking for a low-cost AI content generator, Texta.ai is the way to go.

Texta.ai review 05

  • n1t5


So far, based on fast sessions:

– Nice/Simple Userfriendly UX/UI – Amazing output with very little work – Love the fact that you can choose which keywords to add in the material and it automatically does so!

I’m looking forward to future updates/additions to this, and I wish the team behind it the best of luck in their efforts.

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Texta.ai review 06

  • Raul AZ

Amazing and brilliant!

This is an excellent tool. My only suggestion is that you give it a shot. If you try it, you’ll want to buy Texta and wonder why it hasn’t appeared sooner in your life. Texta is brilliant and awesome! Rytr is a superb tool, Jarvis is fantastic, ShortlyAI is likely the finest, Peppertype has a bright future, Wordhero is a useful program, but Texta is brilliant and awesome!

Texta.ai review 07

  • bob.wild

It is promising, but it isn’t quite there yet.

This tool, I believe, has the potential to be useful in the future. But it isn’t quite there yet. Yes, a 1000-word article will be generated. You’ll have to rewrite what you’ve already written.

It’s a new firm, so if you have the patience to wait, the program might turn out to be worthwhile.

It gets a 3 from me since it has potential.

Texta.ai review 08

  • jason.Zorn

Poor Business Practices – Good Output

In the shortest amount of time, this essay generator can produce some of the greatest plagiarism-free, coherent article content. The process is well-organized and simple to follow.

My problem was with the product’s creator. On all offer variations for this SaaS, he has not been fulfilling his customers’ purchases. This is unethical as well as problematic.

My goal here is to give a fair assessment of what is excellent and what is problematic. Many of the largest online LTD discussion groups are debating the issues surrounding this founder’s handling of the product launch.

So, I believe the final line is that this is a functional product, but the buyer should exercise caution.

Texta.ai review 09

  • markzuke

This is not a tool you should have in your possession

Despite owning a slew of AI content creation tools, this one is horrible.

The content generator for the short term is abysmal. It’s always off-topic and irrelevant. Despite the fact that they advertise infinite credits, they only give 1000 credits for blog generation. Furthermore, the finished blog is of inferior quality.

In 7-10 days, the support team will react. To receive an answer, I occasionally have to contact Appsumo support. Furthermore, they are constantly changing their pricing plan, putting LTD users on a poor pro plan that excludes future updates of several tools, such as SEO tools.

It is preferable to look somewhere else.

Texta.ai review 10

  • tracy085


I’d love to be able to review this product, but I’ve never had the opportunity to do so. When I try to submit data, it tells me that I don’t have enough coins. I should be able to buy as many coins as I want. I’ve contacted the company several times, and they’ve told me that there must be an issue someplace, but they don’t know where it is, and they’re working to resolve it. It’s been a week since I bought this software, and there’s no sign of improvement. Is this a problem that others are experiencing as well?

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Texta.ai Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q.Who are Texta.ai’s most common customers?

A.Small businesses, medium businesses, and freelancers are the three types of customers that Texta.ai caters to.

Q.What types of users are the ideal candidates for Texta.ai?

A.Founders, SEO professionals, E-commerce owners, Content producers, Marketing teams, and Agencies will benefit from Texta.ai.

Q.Is there a free trial for Texta.ai?

A.Yes. It provides a 7-day free trial.

Q.Is there an API for Texta.ai?

A.No. There isn’t an API available.

Q.What is Texta.ai’s development style?

A.Q.Web, Cloud, and SaaS development are available on Texta.ai.

Q.Is it possible for AI to entirely replace content writers? 

A.No. The human touch is unrivaled by technology.

Q.Is Texta.ai offering a money-back guarantee?

A.Yes. The Texta.ai lifetime offer comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

My Suggestion of Texta.ai lifetime deal 

Texta.ai’s Al-generated product descriptions have helped me to deliver my customers with product descriptions that have substantially improved product interaction.

This tool is fantastic. I’ve been using Texta.ai for a few months now and have been very impressed by everything about it. I’m so glad I found it here!

This tool is one of our favorite tools. Absolutely without any reason, it has not become my favorite.

There are many reasons behind it. Some of the reasons I mentioned above. I hope you understand. I also hope that this tool will be one of your favorite tools soon.

This is a tool that I have used and continue to use and will use for the rest of my life. It’s simple to use, and it’s all done in a pleasant and entertaining manner.

I have used these tools and I want to help you. I think you need this tool to achieve success.

So why am I not advising you to use this tool?

I highly suggest you use this tool and success in your own life.

Get a Texta.ai lifetime deal

Texta.ai Lifetime Deal


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