TabExtend Appsumo Lifetime Deal 

TabExtend Appsumo Lifetime Deal 

TabExtend Appsumo Lifetime Deal 

Tabs come in handy when you want to keep all of your web pages open at the same time. However, once they’re open, it’s difficult to find what you’re looking for or where you left off.

The biggest productivity killer is having too many open tabs. Users waste time jumping between tabs, can’t immediately find what they’re looking for, and are easily sidetracked by new tabs showing up all the time.

If you’re suffering from this situation, you’ll realize how terrible it really is. Now you have nothing to be worried about.

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Tab Extend Lifetime Deal  Check TabExtebd Lifetime Deal Review

Introducing tabExtend

TabExtend helps you to manage your tabs in a simple and effective manner. This is the best Chrome plugin if you want to manage tabs quickly and easily. Use tabExtend to clean up your browser.

Drag and drop tabs into groups, save them to a read-later folder and privately or publicly share your workspaces.

You can also customize views of your favorite pages so that they’re always accessible at a glance without having to scroll through all of your open tabs!

Controlling your open tabs has never been easier than with TabExtend. 

what is tabExtend

Surfing the internet has become a time-consuming and exhausting activity. When you’re checking in and out of each account, forgetting your password and having to establish a new one, and trying to find the site you’re looking for, it’s tough to get anything done. So, what are our alternatives for dealing with this problem?

TabExtend is a browser extension that lets you combine all of your favorite websites into a single tab, including Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and others. You may also save passwords for all of these sites so that you don’t have to remember them all.

TabExtend is a chrome extension that makes controlling tabs a breeze. It substitutes your new tab with an overall view that allows you to reorganize your tabs and instantly write notes and to-dos in various groups and categories.

TabExtend lets you keep track of all of your browser tabs, notes, and reminders in one place. You may group tabs, save them to a read-later folder, and share your workspaces with others privately or publicly by dragging and dropping them into groups. You can also customize views of your favorite pages so that they’re always accessible at a glance without having to scroll through all of your open tabs!

What is the benefit of Tabextand?

1/Save tabs

Tabextend lets you save several tabs at the same time. We open a lot of tabs when working on a project and close them at the end of the day. You’ll have to look for the content again the next day. Your time is saved on this platform, and you can open the same tabs at the same time with a single click.

2/Create a group of sites

Users can establish groupings of sites that are similar to one another. By right-clicking and dragging and dropping the sites, you may give the group a name and add them to it. You can add bookmarks to your favorite sites, alter categories, and create different groups to simply access the sites on this platform.

3/Make a list and make a plan

By clicking on the rectangle provided within the group list, you can make to-dos or notes. A toolbar allows you to change the color, add emoji, copy to the clipboard, and erase notes. Users can use bullet lists to help them recall activities and projects.

4/Text snippets should be saved

We gather information from several sites while researching for projects. You may quickly save a few lines or paragraphs from numerous websites as a text snippet using Tabextend.To save a paragraph in the list, select it and right-click it.

5/Workspaces that are shared

You may quickly share the workspace with other members of your team to obtain real-time project updates. Invite users to your office by clicking the share button. If the people accept your invitation, they will have access to your workspace and become collaborators. They can also make adjustments in the workplace.

6/Compatible with smartphones and tablets

As a progressive web app, this program can be used on mobile devices (PWA). Sites can also be saved on mobile devices. On a mobile device, Tabextend must be accessed through a browser. Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge are all supported. For a better experience, a mobile-friendly application will be launched in the future.

Why should you use this Tab Extend?

 Tabextend is valuable to everyone. Researchers and content creators can compile a list of sites and access them all at once. Furthermore, users can keep individual newspapers, favorite recipes, movies, and games in a single list for faster access.

What is the most effective way to use this tool?

The interface of this program is incredibly user-friendly. Install this extension on your favorite browser and get to work. Create categories to organize your websites and store them properly. You can also drag the sites together to form a group. It also allows you to switch sites from one group to the next.

TabExtend Appsumo Lifetime Deal 

TabExtend is a Chrome Extension that allows you to organize your tabs on Kanban boards.

You can use tabExtend to construct custom boards with your labels to organize your tabs however you like.

It enables you to manage tabs by combining them into “panes,” from which you may open and close groups of tabs with a single click, add and combine notes, and share and collaborate.

Our online app, which is also mobile-friendly, will allow you to access your sites and notes from anywhere.

  • All upcoming features of the Pro plan.
  • Countless items have been saved.
  • No-questions-asked 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Workspaces that never end.
  • Collaboration with as many people as you want (Each user has to be on the Pro plan).
  • All future platforms/browsers will be accessible.
  • All data is backed up every day.
  • Each stacked code adds two extra users (plus unlocks the team dashboard)
  • Items can be preserved indefinitely.
  • An infinite number of workspaces
  • An infinite number of collaborators (Each user has to be on the Pro plan)

Tabextend’s Pricing Plans

They do not, however, provide any free plans. However, before purchasing the premium plan, you can enjoy a free trial. Normally, lifelong access costs up to $778, but for a limited time, you can purchase it for $59 one-time. You will have access to all features and will be able to save an unlimited number of objects. You can also establish several workspaces and back up your data on a daily basis.

For a $59 lifetime plan, you will get

Appsumo Lifetime Deal pricing

Check Tab Extend Lifetime Deal  Get Now

  1. a single user.
  2. Items can be saved indefinitely.
  3. Workspaces that are limitless.
  4. Backups are made every day.
  5. Organize tabs, notes, and to-dos.
  6. Sort tabs into groups.
  7. Board of Kanban.
  8. Search.
  9. Make groups with the most popular websites.
  10. Themes.
  11. Workspaces that are shared.
  12. App for mobile devices (Soon).
  13. Copy and paste the board (Soon)
  14. All future plan revisions.
  15. Money-back guarantee for 30 days.

For a $118 lifetime plan, you will get all the above features +

3 users

For a $295 lifetime plan, you will get all the above features +

11 users

Is it possible to stack more codes in order to increase the number of users?

Yes! To extend the number of users in your tabExtend account, you can stack up to an unlimited number of codes. Each additional code allows for the addition of two new users.

Is this just yet another fee that entitles me to unlimited access for the rest of the time? There Aren’t Any Monthly Fees?

Yes, you are accurate! This is a one-time offer that grants you unlimited access to tabExtend. You’ll never be charged a monthly or annual fee.

I know what you’re thinking. What makes you think that’s possible? Why would software platforms do such a thing, to begin with?

There are various reasons for this, one of which is an easy approach to rapidly expand their user base and build on user input and insights. Another rationale for this strategy is to raise software platform awareness, which will enable platforms to quickly expand into a thriving business! There are other explanations as well; these are merely the most common.

How To Get An Extra $10 Discount For New Users?How To Get An Extra $10 Discount For New Users?

  • Visit the “tabExtend Lifetime AppSumo” deal page.
  • After just a few moments, a popup with a discount will display.
  • To obtain the unique perks, enter your email address.
  • Continue with the same email id.
  • Get a $10 discount at the end.
  • Discount valid for new users only.

The majority of these bargains will sell out within one week of their AppSumo launch, so get them while you can.

If the tabExtend lifetime bargain has ended, you can find similar programs by clicking here.

Finally, some thoughts

This is a fantastic tool for people who utilize many tabs. It operates with a single click, making work easier. When you use this tool to search for a specific site, it instead displays you where it is saved rather than transporting you to the site in one click. To open the links, you must first go to the group, which can be inconvenient at times. Overall, this is a great tool for workaholics who open multiple tabs for work and research.

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There are below some reviews that can interest you to get a TabExtend Appsumo Lifetime Deal .

TabExtend Appsumo Lifetime Deal Review

1/”Hello, Dealifyers!” –

My name is Gustav, and I used to be a tab addict.

TabExtend was also created by me. I started working on tabExtend as a strategy to boost my own productivity. I spent a lot of time looking for websites and resources, pasting them into other applications, making notes in another, and keeping track of to-dos in still another. In the end, it merely resulted in a lot of lost effort and the failure to locate anything useful.

This generated the concept for tab extends the first iteration, which had a few crucial features: Reordering and preserving current tabs is as simple as dragging and dropping. All of my notes and to-dos would appear in a clear summary every time I opened a new tab on my browser. With eye-catching emojis, it’s always close by and easy to navigate. Another important element was that the data would be accessible from any location, which made a cloud database the obvious choice.

The initial version was released in early 2020, and thousands of individuals have since utilized the tool I created for myself. I’m now obsessed with making tabExtend the best tab management solution available.

A lot of work is being placed into listening to users and their wants and requirements in order to achieve this. Many new features have been introduced, and there are many more exciting improvements on the way. The long-term goal is to expand beyond extensions and web apps to include a comprehensive suite of apps that may be used on a variety of platforms and devices. Aside from that,

 the following are some deviations from the roadmap:

  • Public URLs are used to share groups.
  • In-site popovers provide access to notes and additional settings.
  • Incorporations (Google, Zapier, IFTTT, and more)
  • Reminders/schedule tab/group
  • More viewing choices and a grid view
  • Syncing tab groups
  • Management of the session

However, features aren’t everything. That may seem like a bold claim, but programs that are used on a regular basis should be seamless, intuitive, fast, and dependable. We’ve been fixated on design elements, as well as dark and light modes. No pixels were left unzoomed, micro-animations were sprinkled, and user flows were examined. Not to mention performance enhancements. There are still some things to work on, but we’re getting great feedback from users, which motivates us to keep improving and creating a nice experience for everyone.

Give tabExtend a try if you spend a significant portion of your day on the browser and let me know what you think. Cheers!

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Anyone can also check reviews about Tabextend on captera.

2/Sumo-ling-Well-organized and streamlined

I’ve been switching from one tab management program to another. Tab Outliner, Raindrop, Cluster, Tab Session Manager, and Workona were the final ones I tried and paid for for a month.

Although Raindrop and Workona both have the depth I needed, they both lacked in the process. They took a long time to load, which slowed down my work, especially during Zoom sessions.

Before purchasing TabExtend, I tested the free version. I liked how the tabs were organized, but it was the extremely little memory footprint that really stood out.

It loaded quite quickly, with no delay between selecting the extension button and seeing the set of tabs I wanted. Although there is certainly room for improvement, TabExtend still outperforms the competition.

Tab Extend Lifetime Deal  Check TabExtebd Lifetime Deal Review


My Tab saver

Hello everyone!

Tabextend is one of these tools, and it was created by a dedicated individual.

Gustav provides me with a terrific tool that helps me break my habit.

There will no longer be a browser with dozens of tabs open in the event of…

Tabextend allows me to keep track of everything in one spot.

It’s simple to make some boards with your link, but it’s not the only option.

You can also provide some quick notes.

Release 1.7 adds a slew of useful features.

Thank you for the high quality of your work, Gustav.

You are more than deserving of more than five tacos!

Thank you very much AppSumo for bringing us this deal.

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