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Quabbly Lifetime deal $99

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More spreadsheets, more tools, and more headaches to get your business working. (“Advil is now part of the technology stack.”) Despite spending a lot of time switching between platforms, they haven’t yet achieved their performance goals.

Would you like to create an efficient workflow for your own business process without loading a computer or hiring a software engineer? Quabbly is perfect.

Connect And Use the app to automate everyday workflows.

Quabbly is a no-code tool that helps teams and businesses create dynamic workflows and organize data in other apps. ..

With Quabbly, you can use real-time analytics to trigger automated actions based on form responses and other events, allowing you to create dynamic workflows for your business. Customize your data collection to suit your needs with over 35 field types, including recruitment, appointments, orders, and customer review ratings. You can easily host your form on any website by generating an embed code or sharing a link to the form directly. Teams can develop strategies by visualizing ideas in various formats such as Kanban, calendars, galleries, charts, maps, DOCX, PDF and more.

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  1. Leverage external data to build dynamic automated workflows for your business
  2. Alternative to: Airtable and Zapier
  3. Keep your team in sync with built-in collaborative features and app integration
  4. Best for: Operations teams, agencies, and small businesses that want to simplify their workflows between several apps

Plans and Features-

Deal Terms 

  • Lifetime access to Quabbly

  • All future Premium Plan updates

  • No codes, no stacking—just choose the plan that’s right for you

  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase

  • Ability to upgrade or downgrade between 5 license tiers

  • Only for new Quabbly users who do not have existing accounts

  • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

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Quabbly Lifetime deal

Here are some reviews from Quabbly Lifetime deal users.(source- Appsumo)

SapphireWolfQuabbly is Quappy

If you’re looking for a rage-inducing, bug-filled experience, look no further than this product right here!

Literally every step of the process to get started was a massive hurdle.

Account registration? Never received the activation email. Spinning up the subdomain upon account creation? As if. LTD limits applying to the account once finally inside? Not a chance.

I honestly don’t know A) who tested this product before launch, B) who thought charging $99 for such a product out of the gate was acceptable and C) why you would invest $500 in a product that lacks any sort of refinement.

Why have these exorbitant prices become the new norm on AppSumo? How have we allowed these increases to occur while the quality has gone down? Why would I place my faith and money in a team or product that has zero quality control? One failure I can understand, multiple to even get started is just unacceptable.

Imagine drafting a report for a client with data from a different client, from a different month, in a completely different sector and presenting it as if it was the client’s own data – why would they trust you after that point? Forgetting to update the slide’s header is forgivable, completely missing the mark is a red flag.

The tool might have promise down the road at some point

but (just like other tools recently launched) the UX is a nightmare at the minute. You want to poke around within your limit of 3 records (thanks $99 LTD!), try out the map feature and, despite being told that certain fields are required to generate the view, the tooltips are broken and actually provide you with no context of what those fields are or how you would go about adding them.

I need a unique “Pin field” but regardless of how many unique keys I throw at the thing, nothing works. Could I look it up in the KB? Yeah, sure. Oh, but guess what? There’s actually nothing in there about the required Pin field and how you assign a value to it! Awesome!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not okay with paying $99 for a product that over-promises, under-delivers and has such a massive disparity in pricing and limits between the first and fifth tiers. Is AppSumo just taking a page out of Pitchground’s playbook these days?

TL;DR: UI is nice. UX is terrible. Onboarding is non-existent. Knowledge Base is useless. Zero quality control. Overpriced.

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moshe4Unbelievable, Just what I needed!

I was looking for a in house solution which my employee’s can fill out forms after sales calls and make reports & statistic to see which pitch is working or not performing well and keep employees motivate on the tasks, basically a custom CRM build just for my need only, and they have beautiful dashboard which I can set my own metrics, basically its a killer app for my business, their support is outstanding, I had some issues and they guide me, and their rep was very helpful!

Thanks for bringing such a good app to the market!



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