plerdy lifetime deal

Plerdy Lifetime Deal


Would you like to convert more visitors into clients in order to increase your sales?

To get the highest level of conversion, you must evaluate a large number of important statistics. It’s critical to understand traffic sources, scroll depth, and which website elements people click the most frequently, as well as track usability. Based on this information, a conversion improvement strategy can be devised.

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Your site isn’t turning visitors into sales, and you’re not sure why. It may be due to your design, copy, or a lack of SpongeBob memes.

However, you can’t look at every single person that visits your site, and optimizing by making small adjustments takes time.

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What if you had a tool that could show you how people interact with your site, detect problematic components and analyze trends to assist you to find the solution?

Today, I’m excited to inform you about a fantastic UX, CRO and CRO, and SEO platform that assists businesses, marketers, CRO, SEO, and UX designers in growing their online enterprises using precise user behavior data.

Your website is an alive, breathing organism that demands the same level of care and attention as an organic organism. See how Plerdy can help you maintain your website health with a variety of tools for tracking content, traffic, and mistakes, among other things.

What is Plerdy

Plerdy is built to automatically collect any data that may be used to show how conversion can grow. With a key, users may view heatmaps and SEO updates. This tool may also be used to create smart pop-up forms without the need for a developer. Plerdy’s script takes only 30-40 seconds to install and does not slow down websites.

It is a cloud-based marketing tool that aids businesses in controlling operations and promoting online stores and websites through conversion rate optimization. Competitor research, behavioral mapping, e-commerce, and website analytics are all important features.

Plerdy’s heatmaps for clicking and scrolling are designed for businesses of all sizes, allowing users to construct forms to promote special offers and generate sales leads. It enables customers to specify criteria for custom kinds like pages and device types, resulting in higher conversion rates for relevant website traffic. 

It helps companies track visitors and turn them into customers.




  • With crucial indicators like traffic type, clicks, and device, you can quickly follow user activity.
  • Screaming Frog and Hotjar are not the only tools available.
  • Use Heatmaps and SEO/UX statistics to make educated judgments about your website’s optimization.
  • This is the perfect tool for SEO companies, web designers, and UX professionals searching for data-driven solutions to increase sales and improve their websites.
  • View your live site’s scroll maps, scroll depth, text selection, idle mouse, cursor hover, and click sequence.
  • Based on dynamic components, examine user clicks and activities.
  • It provides useful information about the project you’re working on.
  • Customize the pop-ups to match your company’s needs.
  • Make necessary modifications as soon as possible.
  • Display full report metrics in SEO checker and Google search console API.
  • Get recording stats based on the device.

Plerdy Benefits

Plerdy has been the conversion optimization software of choice for firms all around the world, including Honda, Kredo Bank, and Beheto, helping them drastically increase conversion rates, revenue, and ROI. They were able to properly utilize their data as a consequence of the activity, make essential changes to their websites and online businesses based on customer feedback, and reap the rewards.

Plerdy Lifetime Deal 

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Plerdy Lifetime Deal Features Overview

  1. You are free to stack as many codes as you like.
  2. There is no limit to the number of active pages.
  3. There is no restriction to the number of team members.
  4. API integrations are unlimited, and leads are recorded.
  5. Date, traffic, device, country, unique page visits, and user activities may all be used to refine your results.
  6. Heatmaps are visual representations of data (clicks, scroll, mouseover, the sequence of clicks, text selection).
  7. Create user groups to further segment your audience.
  8. Own banner, picture, or YouTube video may be imported.
  9. There are over 20 display rules, as well as form analytics, to choose from.
  10. With only one click, you may create events and submit them to GA.
  11. Conversion funnels are a type of funnel that is used to convert visitors into SEO page auditing software that works automatically (desktop & mobile).
  12. Check the website/Google Search Console for any missing keywords.
  13. Record sessions may be viewed, sorted, shared, and deleted.

Pricing Plan of Plerdy Lifetime Deal

Plerdy Lifetime Deal  Buy now

Plerdy’s price model is simple and transparent, with three options: single, double, and multiple. So, if you want a once-in-a-lifetime deal at a reasonable price, head to the Appsumo marketplace and buy this utility for $59.


One Time Purchase of $59.00

  • All of the above features included.
  • 3 websites,
  • Daily pageviews of 25,000 (total),
  • 10,00 video sessions (total),
  • NPS, or reviews, are five active versions.
  • 5,000 page views per day, SEO site audit
  • Google Search Console provides 5,000 pages per month.


One Time Purchase of $118.00

  • All of the above features included.
  • 6 web pages,
  • Daily pageviews of 50,000 (total),
  • 2,000 hours of video (total),
  • NPS, reviews, or 10 active forms
  • 10,000 SEO site audits, pages each day, 
  • 10,000 Google Search Console pages every month


One Time Purchase of $177.00

  • All of the following features included
  • As well as 10 websites,
  • Every day, there are 75,000 pageviews (total),
  • 4,000 hours of video (total),
  • 15 active forms, NPS, or reviews,
  • 15,000 SEO site audit, pages per day,
  • Google Search Console generates 15,000 pages every month.

How To Get An Extra $10 Discount For New Users?

How To Get An Extra $10 Discount For New Users?

  1. Visit the page for the “Plerdy appsumo lifetime bargain.”
  2. After a few moments, a Discount popup will display.
  3. To obtain the unique perks, enter your email address.
  4. Keep using the same email address.
  5. In the end, you’ll get a $10 discount.
  6. Only new users are qualified for the discount.

Final Thought

Thank you for reading this article. If it was helpful for you plz get the Plerdy Lifetime Deal. Plerdy Lifetime Deal can help your business.

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Plerdy Lifetime Deal Review


My favorite tool to help increase conversions!

This service is fantastic.  I believe I have a good understanding of what my website visitors are doing. The thought of being able to observe the effects of my marketing efforts appeals to me. They have a number of tools to assist in increasing conversions. This is an excellent tool for marketers that want to increase conversion rates. I can now track and evaluate my visitors to ensure that they become clients. The tools are simple to use and provide me with all of the data I require to improve my conversion rates.


A good alternative to Hotjar

Exceptional value for money. 

The user interface is simple and easy to use, and the onboarding tutorial is helpful.

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