Nature sounds free Relaxing Music, Calming Music, Peaceful Music

Nature sounds for sleep, yoga, and meditation : best app

Nature sounds for sleep, yoga, and meditation : best android app .

What is Nature sounds for sleep, yoga, and meditation?

This a new and updated android apps with awesome ui and ux.

What is nature sounds?

Natural sounds are any sounds produced by non-human organisms as well as those generated by natural, non-biological sources within their normal soundscapes. It is a category whose definition is open for discussion. Natural sounds create an acoustic space.

What kind of natural sound do you love to listen to? Why?

People love nature because truth, nature/natural experience, and reality go hand in hand. Nature provides serenity, beauty, and calm. Our world of experience is what gives us, and provides for, life. Natural seems like waterfalls, river streams, rain, birds singing, and chirping are those which anybody would like to hear .

There is an android  app channel named Nature sounds free: sleep, yoga, and meditation. which produces nature videos for sleep, relaxation, meditation, and yoga. it’s one among the simplest new android app that I even have encounter thus far . So I am suggestiong you download this app and check the all sound.

Which type Sounds you will get on Nature sounds free: sleep, yoga, and meditation

  • Nature sounds.
  • Jungle Waterfall Sound.
  • Ocean Sounds.
  • Bird Sounds Spectacular.
  • Deep Ocean Waves.
  • Birds singing, chirping, and river sound.
  • Raining Sounds at Ocean Malacca.
  • Relaxing Yoga Music.
  • Morning Relax Meditation.
  • Walk in the Rain.
  • Night Ocean Sounds for Sleep.
  • Forest at night.
  • Rain & Deep Thunder Nature Sounds
  • Relaxing Music, Calming Music, Peaceful Music.
  • Awesome Morning Bird Song.

Does nature sound help to try to to meditation during a better way?

It depends on what you would like from your meditation.

If your goal may be a temporary reduction of tension, without changing the patterns that cause tension within the first place, you’ll get some temporary reduction of tension.

But if your goal is to become conscious of how you use , to truly observe what you are doing that creates your tension and/or unhappiness, the natures sounds are to be avoided. They distract you FROM that specialize in the meditation.

One time our Lama took our dharma group bent an enormous rural arboretum …getting special permission for us to travel in and meditate before opening hours. We opened up and reconvened an hour later. I focused tons on the breeze lifting my hair, and once I later asked my Lama if that was an honest thing to specialize in , he said it had been not. That if we would like inner change, our focus must get on our inner dynamics. That I should learn to focus SO well that NO outer distractions capture my attention. He also said this is often a really slow progress and it can’t be rushed.

Some of the awesome features of Nature sounds free: sleep, yoga, and meditation

  • Special video player.
  • All-time updated.
  • Awesome collection of nature sounds.
  • Great UI and UX.

My reviews after  using the Nature sounds free: sleep, yoga, and meditation android app –

Personally, I black out my eyes with a canopy and put ear plugs in my ears.

What I found is that the advantage of this is often that I pays better attention to what’s happening within.

Did you recognize that once you meditate a time comes when the ears devour a inner sound that one can calculate hearing once you reach a particular level of inner calmness.

Without the attention covering the eyes wander about, based of the surface light and therefore the blood in your eyelids, making it hard to focus the notice on one point.

With the attention cover you’ll hold your single pointed focus much easier and it’s this ability to carry your attention fully concentrated that stops thoughts.

Meditation with natures sound is like watching TV when meditating. you’ve got turned on the sense of hearing which can cause thoughts. In meditation if you’re thinking you’re dreaming. If you finish thoughts, you progress closer to your higher self.


Thank you for reading this . Don’t forget to write us  about the experience after using this app. I am also a user of this app I think it’s totally awesome.




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