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What is Loopple?

Loopple is a dashboard builder that allows developers to quickly construct attractive admin panels.

Our editor will help you speed up the development process and make prototyping your dashboard layouts easier.

Loopple makes it easier to create dashboards and reduces development time.

What can you do With Loopple?

What can you do With Loopple?

Using drag and drop, select from over 100 blocks.

Every Bootstrap element was restyled to match the gorgeous website design. All of the Bootstrap components you’ll require for development have been redesigned to have a more professional appearance.

Mobile-Friendly Design

On smartphones, tablets, and PCs, all of the sites and sections work well.

Ready for Retina Display

On whatever type of screen, all of the elements and icons we used in the production appear fantastic.

On whatever type of screen, all of the elements and icons we used in the production appear fantastic.

For developers, this product was created by developers. All of the HTML elements and classes are simple to use.

Complex Documentation

We provide entire element documentation for those that want to delve deeper.


Hundreds of components, including navigations, headers, and more, are sorted into the most common categories to help you create templates.


Double-click to change text, and use our in-page code editor to change element colors, classes, and more.

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Our builder is suitable for both coders and non-coders. All of the source files can be downloaded and then uploaded to your website’s server.


Argon and Soft UI are based on the most popular open-source toolkit for HTML, CSS, and JS development.


Build your next dashboard page with integrated components like buttons, cards, and charts.


Loopple allows you to edit text right in the browser. Double-click any text to begin altering it with the content you require.



  • A dashboard builder and editor that will aid in the development of your project.
  • Build your next dashboard page with integrated components like buttons, cards, and charts.
  • Allows you to prototype your dashboard layouts more easily.

Best for

Developers that want to quickly design attractive admin panels.

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Features of Loopple

Features of Loopple

  1. 3 different templates
  2. Over a hundred components and sections
  3. Multiple navbars and sidebars
  4. Multiple Pages
  5. Share Projects
  6. Projects for Export
  7. Components can be edited
  8. Texts Can Be Edited With A Single Click
  9. Sample Examples

Upcoming Updates

  • Additional Designs
  • Additional Examples and Use Cases
  • CSS integration with Tailwind
  • Website Creator
  • Exporting Multiple Frameworks

Loopple Technical details

Loopple Technical details


  1. Online

Customer Type

  • Large Enterprises
  • Medium Business
  • Small Business


  • SaaS/Web/Cloud

Loopple Alternatives

  1. GoodBarber
  2. NativeBase Startup
  3. Pictarize 
  4. Static.app
  5. Material Builder 
  6. OctoBlocks 

How does it work?

Loopple Lifetime Deal

Loopple Lifetime Deal Plans and Features

Deal Terms 

  • Loopple Plan is available to you for the rest of your life.
  • Your code(s) must be redeemed within 60 days of purchase.
  • Updates to the Loopple Plan in the future
  • Please keep in mind that This deal is not stackable
  • Cash return guarantee for sixty days, no questions asked.

Loopple Lifetime Deal

$59.00 for a one-time purchase    Buy Now


  1. Builder’s access
  2. Code for export
  3. Pro components (330+) are available.
  4. New components are now available.
  5. Pages are limitless.
  6. Projects are limitless.
  7. Exports are unlimited.
  8. All future upgrades and features are included.
  9. Priority assistance

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Final Thoughts about the Loopple Lifetime Deal

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Q.Does Loopple provide an API?

Yes, Loopple provides an API.


Hello there – I’m not a programmer by any means. Is this intended for developers or can I use it to create admin panels and dashboards?

A.Loopple (creator)


This is currently intended for developers, but in the near future, we will include functionality such as data integration to assist non-developers in creating dashboards.

Please let me know if you have any ideas for data integration or features that you’d want to see, and I’ll add them to the implementation list.

Thank you very much.



Good day, Rares!

Thank you for visiting AppSumo. Have a few questions for me?

Q1.) Can this be used for commercial purposes, such as part of a client-specific solution?

Q2.) CreativeTim appears in the templates on the Loopple website (https://www.loopple.com/). Is it necessary to give credit for this? Please assist in clarifying.

Q3.) Does the image slider demonstrate Standford University’s, Vodafone’s, and Amazon’s trustworthiness? Do you have any case studies on your website? Please contribute to the sharing of this information. Thank you very much.

A.Loopple (creator)

Hello, Clark.

  1. Commercial use is included in the PRO plan, so you can utilize it to create a custom solution for your clients.
  2. The attribution is only valid if you utilize Loopple’s Free plan; it is not required for the PRO plan.
  3. We are currently unable to give case studies for any companies that have used Loopple, but I expect to be able to do so in the future.

Thank you very much.


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Tailwind CSS integration appeals to me. Please clarify: everything I see now will be available with Tailwind CSS, and all we have to do is download and use the code components?

When will your Tailwind CSS integration be available?


A.Loopple (creator)


This year, Tailwind will be available in the third and fourth quarters. Also, we’re not sure if we’ll include the same themes as we do today with Bootstrap, but we’ll definitely include more Tailwind dashboard and website designs.

I hope it becomes useful.

Best wishes,



I’d like to see some context-sensitive auto-complete for “known” Bootstrap classes, especially since Tailwind is on your plan (and Tailwind). Is this something that’s planned?

A.Loopple (creator)


We considered adding this function but weren’t sure if it would help people or just confuse them more. However, now that you’ve expressed interest in this feature, we’ll make sure to incorporate it in the next version.

Thank you very much.



I downloaded the demo HTML and saw that you use loopple to name your objects. Is there a way to white-label this or rename it right in the download? You can always refactor, but it’s better if the tool does it for you.

A.Loopple (creator)


This sounds fantastic, and I’ve already added it to my to-do list.

Thank you very much.


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