Hexomatic lifetime deal 

Hexomatic lifetime deal 


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Introducing Hexomatic

I’m a strong believer in automation.  Manual repetition exercises are the worst form of recruitment for me. I’m constantly looking for ways to automate my methods.

What is your company’s most significant bottleneck?

Time and money are two things that any business owner should keep in mind, regardless of the sort of business. You have a lot of ideas, plans, and options, but only a few hours in the day and the means to put them into action.

The more time you save on automated things that can be automated, the more time you will have to focus on increasing your business sales and profits.

Using the correct automation software tools in your organization whenever possible is one of the greatest methods to do this. Gone are the days when coding complex sequences necessitated the use of highly qualified software developers.

With the flood of great no-code automation technology on the market, automating repetitive activities has never been easier, even for a software novice.

Zapier and Integromat are two great examples, but there are several new workflow automation tools in the SaaS industry recently that can help you perform specific tasks in the most efficient way possible.

You create your flow with their workflow creator and handle the hexomatic rest. So, whether you’re trying to set up an email list, a Twitter list, or something hexomatic can help you with this. So, without further ado, let’s jump to hexomatic and start automating some tasks., and you can automate all of your manual data processing with today’s product display. Hexomatic, today’s featured product, is a platform that lets you automate virtually any task.

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What is Hexomatic 

Hexomatic is a comprehensive work automation platform that lets you use predefined automation to scrape data from websites and speed up operations.

With our simple point-and-click scraping recipe generator, you can automate time-consuming data collection.

Hexomatic has automatic field identification and pagination that helps you quickly record product, inventory, and pricing data.

Using readymade automation, scraping recipes can be combined and enriched.

No need to do coding or Ph.D. In programming.

Hexomatic allows you to create precise processes using Lego-style bricks to automatically perform repetitive activities on a scale, allowing teams to focus on high-value work.

Hexomatic is the only platform of its kind that combines a visual drag-and-drop scraping platform with pre-built automation that can be integrated into a workflow similar to Lego Bricks.

 (TL; DR)

  1. The best sales and marketing team who want to automate online research work in a timely manner.
  2. Hexomatic is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and does not require any complex software or code
  3. Hexomatic comes with over 40 ready-to-use automation that you can use right now.
  4. You’re only one workflow away from saving more than 100 hours per month.
  5.  Create powerful processes to run on autopilot by combining your own scraping recipes with our automation.
  6. Lists can scrape and analyze from any website.
  7. Using Google Maps, you can find hundreds of possibilities with just a few clicks.
  8. Keep an eye on Amazon sellers for some items.
  9. Increase the number of backlinks you get through SEO.
  10. Create lots of screenshots for the size of any device.
  11. Analyze SEO on a large scale
  12. Convert images to different scales

The Major highlights

1/Use our website scraping engine to turn the internet into your own data source.

With Visual Point-and-Click online scraping, you can automatically collect time-consuming data and scrape data from any website. No need to do coding or Ph.D. In programming

Using support on Pagination, you can quickly create a repeatable automation recipe to extract text, numbers, and images from a single or multiple pages.

2 / Automation in society and at a higher level

To get fresh, accurate data that is synced locally to Google Sheets or used in any automation sequence, you can drive automation on-demand or schedule them.

Each package provides a monthly quota of page requests (a request scraped per page) and IP rotation as a regular feature.

3 / Available automation includes native, community, and premium automation.

Hexomatic has built-in automation and action that you can use as Lego pieces in the workflow with your own scraping recipes.

Our Q3 goal is to allow anyone to share their best scraping automation with the community, allowing anyone to run a variety of readymade automation across different websites, industries, and uses.

4 / Integrate a Crowdsourced Workforce into Your Workflow, Available in Q3

Most products and services have flaws that require a costly and time-consuming human factor to implement. Whether you should collect your data, verify it, create content or make a decision.

Using our premium credits, Hexomatic Assistant is creating a crowdsourced team that can complete tasks such as discovering, tagging, or writing content for each task on a page.

5 / Create any workflow by automation block and custom action chain together

A workflow is a collection of activities that you can link together like Lagos for time-consuming or repetitive tasks.

A workflow can be started with a keyword list, URL, a CSV file, or any website scraping automation formula.

You can then take steps or automation for each line item like a flow diagram with conditional reasoning.

You can use our crowded sourced workforce to generate leads by setting up a workflow that collects top 50 ranking websites for a specific keyword, collects contact or social media information for each website, as well as collects technical stack data. Find out who’s on the team by looking at the page about them.

What are the benefits of Hexomatic?

Hexomatic was created with the goal of assisting organizations in automating and scaling time-consuming processes.

1/Hackers who help businesses grow

Hexomatic is the ultimate growth hacking platform, allowing you to develop your own scraping recipes and combine them with any of our 25+ automation to build your ideal workflow for mining data from the internet, enriching data, and doing it at scale.

2/Prospecting and generating B2B leads

It takes time to find new prospects.

With Hexomatic you can do 

  • Using complex search parameters, scour Google Search and Google Maps for prospects in any niche or geographic location.
  • Add value to leads by extracting email addresses, social media accounts, determining the technology stack utilized on their website and obtaining WHOIS information.
  • Estimate traffic metrics and traffic sources to filter and prioritize leads.


It takes time to keep up with new product data from suppliers or competitors.

You may scrape entire websites once or on a regular basis using Hexomatic, exporting product data (including images, descriptions, pricing, and so on) to a CSV or a live Google Sheet.


Use CSV / Google Sheets with DeepL/Google Translate to find new product or marketing ideas, or use machine translation at scale to localize your marketing materials, banners, advertisements, or website pages.


Scrape Google for new leads to find backlink chances, or use our meta tags scraper to extract meta tags or content at scale for a list of pages.

6/Data entry / research

Create your own bot to collect data from most websites on a large scale and augment it with one of our 25+ automation.

7/Website design firms

Hexomatic can take screenshots of web pages at scale in one of seven device sizes (from mobile phones to 4K desktops) and save the URLs in a CSV/Google Sheet for later study.

8/The options are limitless.

After a workflow has been completed, you can export your data to CSV, Google Sheets, or automatically sync your data to a live Google sheet.

Hexomatic intends to link with Zapier, Pabbly, Integrated, and Syncspider in Q3, allowing you to transfer data to thousands of apps and services.

 Pricing plan

Access to Hexomatic for $98 will save you time and help you automate your daily duties.

Hexomatic lifetime deal 


  • One Time Purchase of $98.00
  • All features above included
  • All Silver Plan features
  • 4,500 automation credits per month
  • 10 simultaneous running workflows


  • A one-time payment of  $196.00 is required.
  • All features above included
  • All Gold Plan Features
  • 10,000 automation credits per month
  • Unlimited simultaneous running workflows
  • API


  • One Time Purchase of $294.00
  • All features above included
  • All Gold Plan Features
  • 15,000 automation credits per month
  • Unlimited simultaneous running workflows
  • API
Hexomatic Lifetime Deal  Buy Now


Hexomatic lifetime deal Plans and Features

  1. You have unlimited access to Hexomatic for the rest of your life.
  2. Revisions to the Silver (one code) or Gold (two or more codes) Plans in the future.
  3. Your domain(s) must be used within 60 days of purchase.
  4. Stack quite as many codes as you would like.
  5. Note that each additional code placed on top of code 2 adds 5,000 automation credits each month.
  6. GDPR-Compatible.
  7. cash guarantee for 60 days, no questions asked.

How to get an extra $ 10 discount for new users?

How to get an extra $ 10 discount for new users?

  • See the page “Hexomatic Appsumo Lifetime Bargaining”.
  • After a few moments, a discount popup will appear.
  • To get unique benefits, enter your email address.
  • Keep using the same email address.
  • In the end, you get a $10 discount.

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There are below some reviews that can interest you to get a hexomatic lifetime deal.

Hexomatic  Review


Scraper with a lot of power

Wow, this is a powerful statement. I could have easily purchased many LTDs that accomplish the same thing as this all-in-one scraper by accident.

Thank you, I decided to get this instead. From what I’ve seen so far, it has two standout features: the capacity to crawl Google Search Results and the ability to select email addresses for lead creation. Second, instead of crawling Google Search, it can do the same thing using Google Maps. I tested the visual scraper on takealot.com and bidorbuy.co.za, two South African websites. I’m curious to see what’s next; hopefully, they’ll build crawlers for YouTube and Twitch.


Highly Recommended

Over the previous six months, the product has evolved and matured.

The basic scraper, Google Search, and Google Maps premium automation are all simple to use and construct.

The customer service is quick and to the point (thanks a lot Ani).

The best aspect is that there’s still plenty of room for new features, automation, and workflows to be added.


Great automation

Hexomatic is excellent for automating a wide range of activities. Scraping SERPs and researching competitors can save you a lot of time. Automation Work Flower took a few hours to set up but now only takes a few minutes. After that, you can export data to CSV or Google Sheets.

I initially bought a coupon to check out and then bought two more on Black Friday. So far, I’m really enjoying it.

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