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Need a ai tool

More than ever, the user experience (UX) design of software applications is the difference between success and failure. You must develop a user-centric product that your customers will appreciate. But how do you properly manage your UX design team? It’s possible that UX design will become sophisticated as a collaborative process between and within teams. Time, workload, human resources, and timelines for clients or other stakeholders must all be considered.

Being able to manage the workload is one of the most important components of managing design teams. You don’t want to overwork your staff and destroy their creativity, especially since UX design is a creative process. You must allow them to design and build with the user’s cognitive psychology in mind.

A Gantt chart can help you avoid overworking your team while still ensuring that you produce on time. Your entire project, including its tasks, is projected on a timeline using Gantt charts. You can see how long each task will take, where tasks overlap, and where they should be passed off to other departments this way. You can also examine everyone’s workload so you can plan ahead and allocate appropriate assignments to them.


You may use’s elegant Gantt chart capabilities to visualize your teamwork.

As the manager of a UX design team, you must allow your team enough time to create something special while also accounting for setbacks. It’s important to remember not to plan everything to the minute. Allow your crew to take a breather. Giving a later deadline is preferable to missing it or breaking under pressure. You may utilize to help you better estimate software projects.

What is is a project estimating tool designed for both agencies and businesses. Add project details like phases and activities to to begin estimating a project. Invite team members to estimate together and share the estimate with external stakeholders via a live one-pager that updates in real-time as the project changes. 

To streamline work and successfully manage project progress, use Kanban boards, Gantt charts, Jira synchronization, and webhooks. assists teams in developing precise project estimates in terms of scope, timeline, and prices. You may estimate and track various kinds of projects using – software development, marketing, sales, design, and so on.

What can we do with assists groups in providing accurate challenge estimations in terms of scope, timeline, and cost.

You can estimate and track various kinds of jobs using – software development, marketing, sales, design, and so on.

Users may establish a challenge, split it down into milestones and responsibilities, allocate them to different departments, invite process estimators, and use Gantt charts to see the big picture.

When creating chores, you can use the AI assistant. It will go over all of your previous assignments and provide you with options depending on them.

If you have other tasks outside of, you can use a CSV file to import them into your dashboard. Alternatively, you can use Jira in conjunction with to keep track of your project in real-time.

Finally, by creating an editable public link, you may share project estimates with all internal and external stakeholders. Spreadsheets and back-and-forth communication are no longer used.


  • Right at the start of the project estimation process, you may save time and money.
  • A higher rate of project success translates to happier and more loyal customers.
  • Keeping things under control from the beginning.
  • Better resource management and estimation. all Features all Features

  1. Break down larger amounts of work into digestible portions using a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). Create project phases, then tasks and subtasks as needed to accurately estimate each unit.
  2. Invite team members to participate in your project. Allow them to estimate the cost of a certain task on their own. Then look at what has to offer and choose the estimate that makes the most sense to you.
  3. Staffing-Know how many personnel you’ll need to finish a certain job. Distribute tasks across your groups. Then figure out how many hours and how much money you’ll need to achieve your done requirements.
  4. Resource Management-While people are invaluable, there are also non-human resources to consider. Include any other resources your customer has requested. Then relax and let handle the math for you.
  5. Buffers and Uncertainty-Try out different buffers. To get a more accurate estimate, add and subtract uncertainty ratios. Some consumers may require more in less time, while others may allow you some breathing room. With a personalized estimate, you can still make them both happy.
  6. Gantt charts—Use Gantt charts to visualize your estimates. Then, by moving particular pieces around, you can see how the overall picture looks. A good chart is a valuable ally, especially if you enjoy keeping things in order.
  7. Share (mindfully)-Using a public URL, share the project estimation paper with your clients. Depending on who you’re sharing the document with, you can add or remove components. The shareable file will reflect any modifications you make when estimating the project. lifetime deal plans 

  • Lifetime access to Plan.
  • Your code(s) must be redeemed within 60 days of purchase.
  • Updates to the Plan in the future.
  • Please keep in mind that this deal cannot be used in conjunction with any other.
  • Cash return guarantee for 60 days, no survey asks. lifetime deal 

One Time Purchase of $180.00

  1. Tasks are limitless.
  2. There are a total of 20 estimators.
  3. Gantt Chart is a diagram that shows the progress of a project.
  4. Board.
  5. Management of resources.
  6. Management of the workforce.
  7. Stakeholders should be informed.
  8. Jira Import/Export.
  9. Synchronization of Jira.

How Can New Users Get This Extra $10 Discount?

How Can New Users Get This Extra $10 Discount?

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Dowork is a tool that assists you in completing tasks.

If you’ve ever had to price a project for a proposal, you know how aggravating it can be to pull out a spreadsheet, go through your resource list to check who’s available and at what price point, and estimate project length. It’s giving me a headache.

Dowork removes a lot of the tedium and allows you to get right to estimate your next project and timetable, whether with the support of your team or by yourself.

Remove the spreadsheets, many tabs, and guesswork from your life. From the outset, get your team interested and projects completed on time.

Get to work on Dowork.

Native integrations with earlier AppSumo services such as TeamDeck, Nifty, and others are the only things I wish were occurring faster. Integration with Slack would be beneficial as well, allowing you to quickly bring on the right team members.


How long will the project last?

Aside from the budget, the timeframe is always a question for a project manager. Take a peek at the number of projects that have gone over budget. Dowork is unusual in that it focuses on creating time estimations. The user interface is appealing, at least when it comes to laborious planning. The group is really responsive, knowledgeable, and committed. I knew them when they first appeared on Appsumo and we’ve never stopped communicating.


The concept and product are fantastic.

This greatly streamlines project breakdowns; I’m pleased with how the tool is created – it’s also easy on the eyes; the sharing possibilities are a fantastic feature when presenting this to customers, and control is granular if you want to hide something from the client.

Overall, I’m pleased with my purchase; the team is quick to respond and resolve issues; they also reach out to see how they can improve – something I wish every firm did.

I’m excited for more features to become available.

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