Callback Tracker lifetime deal 

Callback Tracker lifetime deal 


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Callback Tracker Lifetime Deal


Introducing Callback Tracker 

The powerful live chat function allows you to communicate with visitors in real-time without having to juggle chats like you would on AOL Instant Messenger. To send traffic to technical support, customer service, inquiries for the CEO, and any other channel that requires a little more specific knowledge segment the calls by the department.

Visitors will appreciate not being shuffled between departments, and you will save time and effort sorting through inquiries. Callback Tracker ensures that you aren’t always waiting by the phone for calls to come in.

Setting up callback capabilities, live chat messaging, and SMS communication is all part of connecting with your website visitors.

Which normally entails shelling out for a slew of high-priced technologies and web developers.Looking for a completely customizable widget that can do it all without breaking the bank or requiring a complicated setup?

Compatibility is not an issue with Callback Tracker. This application may be used with any website, and the installation takes only a few minutes. Don’t worry about regularly updating your phone number or guessing at country codes or dialing instructions. All of your phone calls, live chat, SMS messaging, and email will be handled by a single tool.

What is a Callback Tracker? 

Callback Tracker is a “click to call” service that integrates internet telephone interactions into a website, connecting small and large enterprises with potential consumers. Initializing a request for a callback form using a customizable widget with an animated call button that can be restyled and relocated as needed. Additional custom options for admin users are available via the centralized online dashboard, as well as a comprehensive history of call records for monitoring and review. The audio call history will be automatically recorded by Callback Tracker, including the callback date, call status, length, and source.

The solution also delivers SMS and email notifications to the company’s designated representative contacts. This is meant to draw attention to out-of-hours calling activity, provide information about the visitor’s phone number and the time the call was received, and invite a callback or message to follow up. Other prominent features of Callback Tracker include the ability to create a personalized caller ID for a corporation or corporate accounts, as well as thorough engagement statistics via Google Analytics integration.

Our company benefited greatly from Callback Tracker. It’s simple to use, adaptable, and has CTA tools and reporting. This product has exceptional customer service, and the feedback they receive is utilized by their team.

What can you do with a Callback Tracker? 

With Callback Tracker, you can provide your visitors with flexible and accessible support while also converting them into pleased customers. You’ll need a system to keep track of everything with all of your new communication channels.

On the dashboard, you’ll discover a full summary of all your communication, organized by date. You’ll be able to effortlessly switch between emails, SMS messages, and chats to ensure that your consumers get the help they require.

You can even listen to the recordings of all your calls using Callback Tracker, so you’ll have all the knowledge you need to keep improving your service and support. To send traffic to technical support, customer service, inquiries for the CEO, and any other channel that requires a little more specific knowledge segment the calls by the department.

Visitors will appreciate not being shuffled between departments, and you will save time and effort sorting through inquiries.

To improve the live chat experience for both users and support, funnel traffic to appropriate channels. Callback Tracker ensures that you aren’t always waiting by the phone for calls to come in. Customers can call at any time, and you can connect with them in as short as 24 seconds if they need help right away.

What are the benefits of Callback Tracker? 

What are the benefits of Callback Tracker? 

Call scheduling allows you to stay in touch with consumers without having to worry about missed calls. Right out of the box, integrations are simple to set up.

Email requests will be linked to SendFox, phone calls will be linked to your calendar, and SMS requests will be linked to the customer record in Salesforce.

Callback Tracker is the missing link in your customer communications and corporate processes. Right out of the box, integrate with Twilio, Zapier, Salesforce, WordPress, and more.

It’s challenging enough to provide your visitors with the assistance they require without having to switch systems to manage phone calls, texts, and emails.

Callback Tracker manages all customer communication channels and interfaces with other products and platforms effortlessly.

This was just a fancy-looking callback widget that I thought I’d give a shot, but it appears to be much more. I like that it can hide my calls by using my own caller ID.

Who Uses Callback Tracker?

For any business that promotes its services online, the Callback Tracker is a must-have tool.

Where can Callback Tracker be deployed?

Cloud computing, software as a service (SaaS), and web-based

Callback Tracker pricing plan

There is a free version of Callback Tracker, as well as a free trial. The premium version of Callback Tracker costs US$9.00 per month.

Callback Tracker lifetime deal Features and Plans

  • Callback Tracker Annual Corporate Global Plan for 1 year.
  • Annual renewal option at your AppSumo price.
  • Your domain(s) must apply within 60 days of purchase.
  • Updates to the Corporate Global Plan for a Year.
  • Please remember that this offer cannot be combined with others.
  • GDPR complied.
  • Only for new Callback Tracker users who have never used this service before.
  • Annual deals cannot be combined with previous LTD offers.
  • Cash guarantee for 60 days, no questions asked.

Callback Tracker lifetime deal 

Annual Corporate Global Plan of Callback Tracker

A $199.00 payment is required.

  1. Each month, you will have 400 minutes.
  2. Every month, you will receive 400 SMS messages.
  3. Calls recorded for free.
  4. There are no restrictions on how many websites you can make.
  5. Caller ID  personalized.
  6. 1 agent is available for free live chat.
  7. Supported nations include the United States and California, as well as Brazil, Bulgaria, France, Germany, and India.
  8. Israel, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, the United Kingdom…
  9. Belgium, Luxembourg, Mexico, Finland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Guam, Ireland, Singapore, and Spain are among the countries that have joined the European Union.

Good news

How Can New Users Get an extra $10 Discount?

How Can New Users Get an extra $10 Discount?

  • Visit the “Callback Tracker appsumo lifetime deal” page.
  • A Discount popup will appear after a few moments.
  • To obtain the special perks, enter your email address.
  • Continue to use the same email address.
  • In the end, a $10 discount will apply to your order.
  • The deal is still only available to new users.

Final Thought

If it was helpful for you plz get the Callback Tracker lifetime deal. Callback Tracker lifetime deal can help your business.

There are below some reviews that can interest you to get a Callback Tracker lifetime deal.

Callback Tracker Lifetime Deal


Callback Tracker lifetime deal review


In 2020, this is one of the greatest deals.

This is an excellent application! It’s far superior to Novocall or Calls page.

Why? Because Callback Tracker allows you to communicate with your visitors in a variety of ways, including phone calls, text messages, chat, and email (4 in 1).

The only feature missing is the ability to create sub-accounts (which would be extremely handy for agencies), but this is on their roadmap.

My only disappointment is that I can only stack up to five codes at a time.

What’s keeping you from making a purchase? Don’t miss out on this opportunity.


One of the best AppSumo bargains ever

AppSumo’s Callback Tracker is one of the best bargains they’ve ever offered. Perhaps even THE finest.

You will immediately realize how strong this software is if you think a little bit and are halfway imaginative.

 It’s incredibly simple to comprehend, and I didn’t even need to use Callback Tracker’s excellent explanation videos.

I discovered a minor bug today and immediately reported it to the team. They took care of it right away, and everything was fixed within an hour. 🙂

Then a modest improvement proposal for German-speaking consumers occurred to me. So I contacted Pavel’s team once more and made this recommendation. What am I supposed to say? After a few moments, I received an email stating that everything had been implemented and that I should reload my website to test it out.

I’m going to buy 5 more codes today since I don’t think there will be another sale like this in this form, even if I tried my hardest.

I’d be happy to provide more than 5 tacos if I could.

Many thanks.


Callback Tracker Lifetime Deal


3/wooden nickel

Quite decent

Always on the lookout for ways to make it easier for clients to contact us. I believe this is it since it mixes text, chat, and phone to give people options. It was simple to set up and integrate into my Wix website. They appear to offer a comprehensive knowledge base and FAQ that covers a wide range of topics. Something I like to keep on hand for quick reference.

The difficulties I face now are that there are several places to search for planned calls, emails, chats, and so on. I’m thinking of having one inbox that you can filter, so there’s less tabbing. It’s not a deal-breaker, but I believe it would be simpler.

I’d like to see a pop-up notification for the conversation notification… anything that I need to react to. With YouTube, webinars, and music streaming, it’s easy for me to miss a chime. Integration with the Gmail calendar is also necessary to prevent someone from scheduling a call or chat while I am in a meeting or away from the office.

I’ve brought this up with the team, and they’re looking into it… some things are already in the works. They respond quickly to support requests. It’s fantastic.

In the end, I believe this is a win-win situation for us.


Setup is a breeze.

I redeemed two codes and used their plugin to put them on WordPress; I went through all of the settings one by one; total time: less than 30 minutes! Page speed insight and GTMetrix get a bit lower grade, but it’s still a good add-on.

I’m in Taiwan, and to be accepted by the system, I use a VOIP US phone number.

Problems: I couldn’t turn off the phone (it was on by default), but I could easily enable/disable chat/SMS/email/Whatsapp.

When a caller enters his phone number for a 28-second call and then changes his mind and wants to be contacted again later, he MUST re-enter his phone number!

There is no message to assure the caller that he will be returned.

When compared to the regular price, this offer is fantastic.

Despite the exorbitant price, I hope they can find enough consumers to keep their firm afloat for many more years.

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