Beatoven Ai Lifetime Deal

Beatoven Ai Lifetime Deal । Best Royality Ai music Generator tool

Beatoven Ai Lifetime Deal । Generator tool

Are you looking for a tool that makes Ai music? You have already searched on google, youtube but you not getting a proper suggestion.

Now, you are in the right place. Here I want to introduce you to an Ai tool that is a speedy, AI-powered tool that could create original, royalty-free music for your content.

Are you getting excited? This Ai tool’s name is Beatoven Ai.

Get the Beatoven Ai lifetime deal and enjoy the Best Royalty Ai music.

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What’s Beatoven Ai?

A new tool for podcasters, marketing companies, and video creators is called Beatoven Ai. They easily compose music using makes creative mood-based music to go with every segment of your video or podcast using cutting-edge AI music production algorithms.

If you wanted to publish a youtube video or podcast and want a few songs, use Beatoven Ai. 

Get immediate access to Beatoven Ai appsumo lifetime deal.

Beatoven Ai Lifetime Deal Details


2.Artificial Intelligence





Beatoven Ai is Best for

1.Marketing agencies



Every YouTuber, podcaster, and Marketing agency should buy Beatoven Ai. If one uses Beatoven Ai, he/she can grow up with his/her own work with original mood-based music.

So what are you thinking? Now click the below button and buy Beatoven Ai and Create unique royalty-free music that elevates your story and makes your experience with Beatoven Ai.

Beatoven Ai Lifetime Deal  Buy Now



1.Set the ideal mood for your videos and podcasts by selecting from eight distinct genres and sixteen moods.

2.Get easy access to original soundtracks for quick use.

How to use Beatoven Ai?

Create original music for your project in just a few simple steps.

1.Select a theme or style

Select an audio track, to begin with, a video or podcast to upload, or one of 8 distinct genres to fit your topic.

2.Cut back some

We are aware that with time, content’s mood shifts. You may therefore add many cuts to create various moods.

3.Alter your mood

Now, pick the ideal mood for the cut from a wide range of 16 moods.


Compose and let our AI handle the labor-intensive task of creating a distinctive tune for you.

Beatoven Ai Lifetime Deal  Get Now


What can you do with uses AI to create customized music so you may improve your material with a track that is appropriate for your project.

To get started, simply upload a podcast or video! Then select one of eight music categories, such as pop, electronic, or filmic.

By just hovering over the panels until you discover the ideal fit for your content, you can quickly listen to examples of various genres.

Why did you choose Beatoven Ai?

Beatoven Ai Lifetime Deal

You can designate a mood for each segment of your soundtrack using’s 16 unique moods, which include inspirational, victorious, and dreamy.

Each style group is represented by a range of instruments in’s compositions, making the music feel natural rather than synthetic.

You can even select which instruments are essential to the composition and designate which ones should be maintained, added, or removed from each track.

The best part is that you will be given a perpetual license to use all of your soundtracks. That implies that you can keep using them! makes it simple to fine-tune your tracks with five alternative compositions based on cutting-edge music theory and production principles.

With the endless production-ready music available on this platform and industry-accepted mixing and mastering methods, your material will always sound new.

Create the ideal vibes.

Get lifetime access now!

Beatoven Ai Lifetime Deal  Check Now


Alternatives to

There are other options besides for stock music software. Below some alternatives


2.Spotify App





7.Epidemic Sound


Beatoven Ai Lifetime Deal Plan and features

1/Conditions of the deal

2/Access to for all time

3/all upcoming Pro Plan revisions

4/No codes, no stacking; simply pick the strategy that works best for you.

5/Your license must be activated within 60 days of purchase.

6/Possibility of downgrading or upgrading between three licensing tiers

7/conforming to GDPR

8/just for brand-new users with no prior accounts

9/Note: 1 Beatcoin = 1 second of downloaded audio

10/Guaranteed money-back for 60 days. For two months, give it a try to see whether it’s right for you.

Beatoven Ai Lifetime Deal  Get Now


Features included in all plans

1. Check

2. All genres

3. Check

4. Instrument control

5. Check

6.MP3, WAV, and Stem audio formats

Beatoven Ai Pricing Plan

Level 1 license

$49 one-time payment


1. Included were all the aforementioned features.

2. monthly 3,600 beatcoins

3.2 users

Licensing Level 2

$99 one-time payment


1. Included were all the aforementioned features.

2. monthly 7,200 beatcoins

3.5 users

4. unique license

License Tier 3

$199 for a one-time purchase


1. Included were all the aforementioned features.

2. monthly beatcoins of 18,000

3.15 users

4. Custom license

Beatoven Ai Lifetime Deal  Buy Now


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2. A Special offer popup will show up after a few brief seconds.

3. Enter the email address to receive the exclusive benefits.

4. Keep using the same email address.

5. Finally, you’ll receive a $10 discount.

6. The discount is still only available to new clients.

FAQ About Beatoven Ai 

  • When was Beatoven Ai founded?

In 2021 Beatoven Ai was founded.

  • Where is the headquarters of is located in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

  • Who was the founder?

Mansoor Khan, Siddharth Bhardwaj

  • Who invested in 

There are two investors in, namely Redstart Labs and Entrepreneur First.

  • How much money has so far raised?

$1.1M has been earned for

Beatoven Ai Lifetime Deal  Buy Now


  • When did’s last funding round of investment end?

On March 2, 2022, finished its final investment round, a Seed round.

  • What conditions apply to music licensing?

The soundtrack may be used by users at any time and for any purpose thanks to a perpetual license. Beethoven’s compositions are protected by the company’s copyrights in their entirety.

  • Is it necessary to publish videos all the time?

Without a doubt. Without first uploading a piece of media, one can start making music by selecting the “I want to produce a track” option.

FAQ about Beatoven Ai Lifetime Deal

  • Does the music require me to pay any royalties?

Beethoven’s music is entirely royalty-free, therefore no.

  • What’s the longest track this tool can support in terms of duration?

In one generation, 15 minutes worth of music can be produced.

  • Can anyone use this music for advertisements?

Yes, one can use music for advertisements. 

Beatoven Ai Lifetime Deal  Check Now


  • Can this song be used on social media?

Yes, Beatoven’s music is entirely unique and unlicensed. One is free to utilize the music on any platform of her choosing.

  • What occurs once I press “Compose”?

For your material, Beatoven’s cutting-edge AI music-generating algorithms start writing creative music.

  • Can I include a voiceover in my video with this tool?

Yes. You can modify fades and quiet anywhere you want the music to be soft or louder in accordance with your voiceover using Beatoven’s volume automation setting.

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