Beans Lifetime Deal।Increase your online store

Beans Lifetime Deal।Increase your online store

Beans Lifetime Deal।Increase your online store’s customer retention and repeat purchases।

You want to express your appreciation for your consumers in order to keep them coming back, but that annual $5 off coupon isn’t going to cut it. (“Wow, a tenth of a product!”)

Because you don’t have time to build and implement a management system from the ground up, a loyalty and referral program will encourage repeat purchases.

You require a retention marketing platform that allows you to manage all of your loyalty and referral programs in one location.

Say hello to Beans.

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What are Beans?

Beans is a customer retention and referral program software that includes a comprehensive set of marketing features.

Customers can be rewarded for purchasing items, engaging with your social media pages, and submitting reviews using this service.

You can also use this tool to create a referral program that rewards customers for referring new customers, helping you to grow your business through word-of-mouth marketing.


  • Create brand loyalty among your customers.
  • Turn your customers into brand evangelists.
  • Excite your most devoted customers with one-of-a-kind marketing.

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Best for

SMEs, agencies, and solopreneurs looking to convert one-time clients into recurring buyers.

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What can you do with Beans?

Customers can be rewarded for purchasing things, interacting with your social media pages, and leaving reviews using Beans.

Reward your most loyal customers to increase retention and average cart value—the more they spend, the better!

You can also set an expiration date for your incentives to create a sense of urgency and drive more sales.

Beans Features

Loyalty program

Beans Lifetime Deal।Increase your online store

Create a customer loyalty program that encourages customers to become brand ambassadors.

Beans also allow you to set up a referral program that rewards consumers for introducing new clients, allowing you to develop your business through word-of-mouth marketing.

Customers should be able to recommend their friends directly from the Beans referral dashboard.

Customers can also keep track of the status of their referrals and the prizes they have earned as a result of their referrals.

Referral program

Referral program

Customers will be more likely to promote your business if you have an engaging referral program.

Brand-specific email marketing that promotes engagement can also help you boost client loyalty.

Instead of using boring old coupons, you’ll be able to use genuine loyalty points in your campaigns.

You may also use data from your loyalty program to focus your email marketing on the most active customers.

Loyalty emails

Loyalty emails

Create personalized email marketing to keep your customers interested.

Thanks to the social widget, you’ll be able to engage your customers in real-time with clever messaging that appears while they shop, without interrupting their experience.

Track the success of your rewards and referral programs with analytics tools so you may make adjustments for even better results.

Beans also fully integrate with your shopping cart on Shopify, Shopify Plus, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce because it was built for e-commerce.

Social widget

Social widget

With Beans’ social widget, you can share information with online shoppers without interfering with their shopping experience.

It shouldn’t take an incredible miracle to get your customers to buy from you again. (“Ignore the lightning. Please, Beans makes it easy to run high-powered referral and loyalty programs that your consumers want to be a part of.

Stress-free ways to increase customer retention and repeat purchases.

Get unlimited access to Beans right now!

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Why did you choose Beans?

Poor retention is the number one killer of e-commerce stores.

Beans arose as a result of many merchants’ failure to create a satisfactory post-shopping experience that would encourage customers to order from them again. Beans started the journey with a reward program that was created to keep your customers interested and coming back to your store. The app was a hit, and retailers reported a 20% increase in revenue without having to spend any additional money on marketing. Beans have now added a referral program and a loyalty email system geared specifically at client retention to its product portfolio.

Why do customers love Beans?

  • Customers are incredibly engaged as a result of our automated email notifications and reminders.
  • With an average gain of 20% in sales over the course of a year, this is an outstanding result.
  • Beautiful integration and design with the ability to tweak
  • Installing is simple for merchants.
  • Customers will find it simple to utilize.
  • Allows you to reward your consumers for making purchases.
  • Customer loyalty is increased through email advertisements and loyalty programs.
  • Has a real-time social widget that interacts with your customers
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Supported eCommerce platforms

We’re currently working on expanding our list of supported e-commerce platforms. The platforms that are supported are as follows:

  • Shopify
  • Shopify Plus
  • WooCommerce
  • BigCommerce (coming soon)

Beans Lifetime Deal Plans and Features

Deal Terms 

  • Beans will be available to you for the rest of your life.
  • All future changes to the Pro Plan
  • Your domain(s) must be applied within 60 days of purchase.
  • In a row Stack up to 5 codes
  • GDPR complied with
  • Only for new Beans users who have never used the service before.
  • Cash guarantee for 60 days, no questions asked.

Beans Lifetime Deal


One Time Purchase of $59.00     Get Now


  1. All of the above features are included.
  2. Features of the Pro Plan
  3. Monthly order volume of 500
  4. Every month, 5,000 emails are sent.


$118.00 one-time payment  Check Now


  • All of the above features  included.
  • Features of the Pro Plan
  • Monthly order volume of 1500
  • Monthly, 10,000 emails are sent.


$177.00 one-time payment    Get Now


  • All of the above features are included.
  • Features of the Pro Plan
  • Monthly order volume of 5,000
  • Per month, 20,000 emails sent.

4 Codes

$236.00 one-time payment      Buy Now


  1. All of the above features are included.
  2. Features of the Pro Plan
  3. Monthly order volume of 10,000
  4. Every month, 30,000 emails  sent.
  5. Per month, 30,000 emails sent.

5 Codes

$295.00 one-time payment    Check Now


  • All of the above features included.
  • Features of the Pro Plan
  • The monthly order volume is unlimited.
  • Each month, 50,000 emails sent.

AppSumo is offering an extra $10 off the Beans Lifetime Deal.

AppSumo is offering an extra $10 off the Beans Lifetime Deal.


For only $59.00, you can get the Beans Lifetime Deal. You may simply get an additional 10% discount on the Beans Appsumo Deal.

If you’d like a 10% discount on your first Appsumo order, fill out the form below. Follow the procedures given below to complete the process.

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  2. A Special offer popup will show up after a few brief seconds.
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  6. The discount is still only available to new clients.

Final Thoughts about the Beans lifetime deal

If it was helpful for you please get the Beans lifetime deal. Beans lifetime deal can help your business.

Below are some reviews that can interest you to get a Beans lifetime deal.

Beans Review


The registration process is a nightmare.

Here’s something to think about. Customers like me don’t want to register an account with a company by activating a plugin on a production or staging site. I’d like to be able to access a dashboard and view my account information without having to initially activate the plugin on a woo-commerce or other e-commerce site. Create a barrier between the account creation and plugin installation processes.

Here are the actions you’ll need to take in order to access your beans account. (not to utilize the product, but only to get to the point of being able to access your dashboard) There is no option to close this dialog; in order to access your dashboard, you must complete the instructions.

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Effortless and promising

I like the potential of this product and the onboarding process, which reminds me of Searchanise, another eCommerce product I discovered here. If you already have a Shopify business, this is a no-brainer because it allows you to set up a complete loyalty system that will help you achieve your goal of increased loyalty.

They’ve put a lot of thinking into the product, and I’m excited to see how it progresses.I only wish they would increase the first plan’s limit.

You did a fantastic job.


You’ll be compelled to do what they think is best for you.

What should I do first?

After you get past the fact that you’re required to connect this to a shop right away before you can do anything, and that you’re informed fairly strongly that if you don’t, your account will be terminated in 15 days… Well, let’s ignore that minor point.

Overall, the plugin does not appear to be bad! I had high expectations for this coffee establishment (particularly given the name), but I quickly abandoned it.

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Beans FAQ

Q.I reviewed the WooCommerce documentation, but it doesn’t describe how I can create a unique discount code and apply it to the Beans referral pop-up?

A.The software creates the discount codes for you. On that side, you’re not required to do anything.

Q.Can I use all five of my woo commerce shops?

A.Is there a way to compensate both parties? For instance, 5 dollars for the person who was referred and 5 dollars for the one who was referred?

Create a second Beans account for each website if you want different rewards schemes.

Absolutely, references on both sides accepted.

Q.How can I set up a referral program for non-customers who visit my e-commerce stall?

A.Our referral program isn’t really an affiliate scheme because it’s designed to encourage existing customers to refer their friends rather than have them market your brand. Before referring a friend, customers must first create an account with the store.

Q.How can I utilize this on its own as a referral management system, similar to AppSumo’s “give $10, receive $10” model? Why does it have to be an exclusive plugin or eCommerce store? Is it possible to add WhatsApp and Instagram as sharing media icons while removing the social media symbols for Twitter, Email, and LinkedIn? Do you have any sweepstakes?

A.Yes, Beans designed exclusively for internet stores. Beans created to assist internet stores in increasing revenue through repeat purchases from existing customers. I’m afraid Beans aren’t the best tool for what you’re trying to accomplish right now.

My Suggestion for a Beans lifetime deal

Go to the appsumo and buy Beans when you’ve completed reading this. You can start with the $59.00.

Yes, I would recommend Beans at the end of the day; however, keep in mind that it is almost ready, so be patient.

Get a Beans lifetime deal

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